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On this page of short snippets you'll get updated site pages, brief commentary and links to the full blog, Aggregate Verity.

Aggregate Verity is the separate blog associated directly with the Christian Gun Owner website. It allows extended commentary on a wide range of issues related to gun rights, U.S. society, government and Christian life.

Our Birthright Not Chosen By God

Often, Christian speakers try to convince us to be more satisfied with our families. They make the claim that "God placed you in your family" without following that line of reasoning to an intelligent conclusion.

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Gun Issues

A hub for examining articles pertaining to guns and our responsible behavior and handling of them

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All Individual Gun Reviews Are Anecdotes

Learn how to sort through all the gun writer anecdotes to choose the best firearm for you.

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The Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight Revolver

Review of the Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight Revolver

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Ruger Alaskan .44 magnum review

The Ruger Alaskan .44 magnum revolver is a big, hefty, short barrel, big bore revolver that gets the job done.

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Guns and Pit Bulls

Guns and Pit Bulls - An article on the attitude of liberal America toward both

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For The New Gun Owner

Important basic instructions including safety and carry considerations for the new gun owner

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The Smith and Wesson Military and Police 40 Cal Pistol Review

Review of the Smith and Wesson Military and Police .40 S&W Caliber pistol

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USCCA Review

USCCA review discusses the United States Concealed Carry association as it is today. That includes the addition of the Self Defense Shield.

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The Taurus Model 85 - .38 Special Revolver

This surprising little Taurus Model 85 was twenty years old the first time it was shot. See how it performed.

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Character Indicator Is Wrapped Up In Obamacare

If it wasn't clear to anybody what the insidious character of Barack Obama was, his signature legislation should clear it up for anybody with a brain. Read more....

Smith And Wesson M&P Shield Handgun Safety Alert

Smith and Wesson's M&P line of pistols has been a winner, hands down. Since the initial guns came off the manufacturing line, they have proven to be dependable, durable and accurate. That has resulted in a number of models too extensive to keep up with.

For the M&P Shield, the gun has distinguished itself as particularly suitable for concealed carry. As anybody who reads this website knows, I am a big fan of guns that are concealable, while still providing good ergonomics for controllable firing. The Shield has been just that.

But, as with all good things, they are not perfect. Smith and Wesson is calling on Shield owners to test their guns for a failure that can cause the gun to fire if dropped.

As we all know, today, that is a big no-no. Virtually all modern firearms are made with safeguards to prevent accidental shock firing.

In the case of the S&W Shield manufactured before August 19, 2013, there is the possibility of a condition where the trigger bar pin could damage the lower trigger in a way that could affect the drop safety of the firearm.

While it appears that it is probably in a limited batch of pistols, S&W is asking owners of all Shield pistols to do a safety inspection for this problem.

The specific feature is found here on S&W's website.

To Smith and Wesson's credit, they are making broad inspections and if guns are found to be defective, they will repair them at no charge to the owner.

This is an example of a situation where no one should start trashing this line of guns for this glitch. Every gun manufacturer suffers failures from time to time. The question is whether they take care of them comprehensively.

It appears that S&W has and is in this case.

If you have a Shield, check it out according to the procedure S&W lays out in the link above. If your gun is defective, send it in and they will fix it.

The Only Sane Way For The U.S. To Defend Any Country Now

The U.S. has a long history of standing up against tyranny. We have been especially defensive of those accosted by atrocities. We have armed rebels and put troops in harm's way for the people of other nations. Now we have people exterminated by chemical weapons in Syria. Read more......

Newest Washington Buzzword

The Obama administration awash in scandal has both resulted in and is using a brand new buzzword that is spreading like wildfire. "OUTRAGEOUS" .....Read More

Fobus Ankle Holster Review

Consider the Fobus Ankle Holster as a tool to help you go armed 100% of the time.

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Rifle And Shotgun Articles

Links to rifle and shotgun articles on the Christian Gun Owner website.

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GLOCK Reviews

GLOCK reviews and comparisons between the GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23 and 34

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Smith And Wesson Handgun Articles

Exerpt links to articles about Smith and Wesson handguns on the Christian Gun Owner site.

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Ruger Handgun Articles By The Christian Gun Owner

Links to articles about Ruger Handguns on the Christian Gun Owner site.

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Is There Any Moral Authority For Gun Control?

In 2013, the sudden outburst from gun control advocates has been an opportunistic response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. But moral authority for the debate is seriously lacking. Read more .....

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