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A Review of the Para Expert Carry 1911 With 3" Barrel

An owner's review of the Para Expert Carry 1911 with 3" barrel, for fit, function, and firing potential.

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Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Range Review

A review of the Smith and Wesson Military and Police Shield compact 9mm pistol

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Our Responsibility To Help Our Family With Handgun Shooting Readiness

When our family members express a desire to arm themselves with a handgun for self defense readiness, it's time for us to go into action to help

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From Me To You About Mass Shooters

Be ready for mass shooters, regardless of your religion, politics, philosophy. Do not die needlessly.

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Beretta Px4 Storm Compact Type F - Best In Class

The Beretta Px4 Storm Compact clearly fits within the category among guns considered best in class.

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How To Remain New To Concealed Carry For The Rest Of Your Life

If you don't want to remain clueless, never getting it about concealed carry come on in and find out what not to do.

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What Are We Voting For?

A vast percentage of the American electorate has become largely satisfied with the notion that the federal government will take care of them and solve their problems. A country "of the people" no longer gives politicians any compelling reason to make a reality of the noble sounding principles they supposedly espouse.

Consequently, senators and representatives spend a large majority of their time with their ear to the ground making sure they can do one thing.

Keep their jobs. The #1 concern of all politicians.

What we're voting for today is the hope that who we place in office will not further degrade the already terrible and probably irreversible decline of the United States of America.

I'd like to be able to focus blame just on politicians But the U.S. is now a country full of citizens that are focused on entertainment, handouts, income equality, reproductive "rights" - i.e. abortion, bullying, and making all elements of life look like an LGBT convention.

The politicians are just a by-product of what we've allowed to be created by a population that has emerged as a majority.

The Armed Volunteer Church Security Guide

A comprehensive guide to armed volunteer church security ministry to keep your congregation safe

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Holsters of All Kinds For Your 1911 Pistol

Every kind of holster needed for carrying a 1911 handgun.

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1911 Sights - Adjustable, Fixed, Fiber Optic, Night Sights

All types of sights for your 1911 handgun.

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Did Smith And Wesson Get It Right With The SD VE?

With the Smith and Wesson SD-VE series, they make just about every size, shape and price of striker fired pistol.

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What do all the following websites have in common?,,,,,,,,,,,

(1) They're all either satirical, embellished, or downright fake news sites. (2) They're all quoted online, including Facebook, to make a point without any verification from the posters.

Those and untold numbers of others are now used to try to "prove" something that can't be proved otherwise. But if it's a lie, it's still a lie, even if we like what it claims.

By the way, taking a thread of truth and embellishing it to make it say something to make a point or get attention is a lie too.

One of the more popular sites quoted is "Before It's News". That name might actually mean something that needs to be considered before quoting it.

I've determined we don't need a lot of hysterical, underground, "don't want you to know", sinister, secret conspiracy claims.

We clearly have all we can deal with right in front of our face.

The current administration doesn't need embellished "news" reports to expose its incompetence. That is clear with what is reported legitimately. Nobody adds anything to that by reposting trash from self serving pseudo news sites.

Our Birthright Not Chosen By God

Often, Christian speakers try to convince us to be more satisfied with our families. They make the claim that "God placed you in your family" without following that line of reasoning to an intelligent conclusion.

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Gun Issues

A hub for examining articles pertaining to guns and our responsible behavior and handling of them

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All Individual Gun Reviews Are Anecdotes

Learn how to sort through all the gun writer anecdotes to choose the best firearm for you.

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The Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight Revolver

Review of the Smith and Wesson 638 Airweight Revolver

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Ruger Alaskan .44 magnum review

The Ruger Alaskan .44 magnum revolver is a big, hefty, short barrel, big bore revolver that gets the job done.

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Guns and Pit Bulls

Guns and Pit Bulls - An article on the attitude of liberal America toward both

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For The New Gun Owner

Important basic instructions including safety and carry considerations for the new gun owner

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Trying to figure out concealed carry? Which gun(s), which holster(s), safety, gun size, caliber, recoil, dependability, versatility, comfort, price ..... IT NEVER ENDS!

Well, concealed carry just got simpler. Your shortcut to figuring it all out.