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Democrat Primary Candidates Making The Strongest Abortion Promises Ever ~ By Mark Rogers  
Oct. 16, 2019

My response to Democrat presidential candidates in their comments about abortion from the debate.

1) Cory Booker: "I will create the 'Office of Reproductive Freedom and Reproductive Rights' in the White House; and make sure that we begin to fight back on a systematic attempt that's gone on for decades, to undermine 'Roe V Wade'.

Me: Senator Booker, you might as well call it the office of baby death by murder. When an abortion takes place, a living, human, unborn baby dies. You, sir, are complicit in the murderer of unborn children.

2) Kamala Harris referring to state abortion laws:  "This is still a fundamental issue of justice for women in America... It is her body. It is her right. It is her decision"

Me: Ms Harris, whatever a woman "decides to do with her body", if it's abortion, a living, human, unborn child is killed."

You, Ms Harris, are complicit in the murder of unborn children.

3) Julian Castro: "I believe in reproductive justice, and in the ability of every person to be able to make choices about their body."

Me: Mr. Castro, "reproductive justice" is a very noble sounding way to say abortion, which is the murder of a living, human, unborn child. Where's the justice for the most innocent victims on earth? You, Mr. Castro, are complicit in the murder of unborn children.

4) Elizabeth Warren: "I lived in an America where abortion was illegal. And rich women still got abortions .... What we're talking about now is that the people who are denied access to abortion are the poor, are the young, are 14 year olds who are molested by a family member, ......

Me: Ms Warren, apparently you believe in fairness. You are indignant and believe the poor, and young should be able to kill their unborn children at the same rate as the rich. And by the way, over 95% of abortions take place because somebody doesn't want the child for whatever reason. It remains murder of the unborn.

You, Ms Warren, are complicit in the murder of unborn children.

5) Pete Buttigieg on appointing Supreme Court justices: "Now I'm not talking about packing the courts just with people who agree with me. Although I certainly will appoint people who share my values. For example, the idea that women's reproductive freedom is an American right."

Me: Mayor Buttigieg, you just said you wouldn't pack the courts with people that just agree with you, except those that believe that murder of the unborn is a woman's 'right'.

You, Mayor Buttigieg, are a two faced, lying, deviate; complicit in the murder of unborn children.

What all this boils down to is this:

Vote for a pro-abortion Democrat for any office; local, state, or national; and be complicit in the murder of the unborn every day, of every week, of every year. 

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