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Pistol And Revolver Training On Uneven Ground

One of our hardest tasks as gun owners, who intend to legitimately train to be competent with our handguns, is breaking the 'flat range habit'. Pistol and revolver training on uneven ground is not even a distant thought to most gun owners in America.

Why We Get Stuck Training On Flat Ranges

Flat gun ranges are so much a part of our shooting lives, we don't even consider alternatives, or the necessity of them.

The most ideal type of flat range to train on, is one where you can go into a private bay, set up targets, obstacles, etc. Then you are able to move from target to target, moving, dropping, kneeling, etc. 

All great.

I have the benefit of belonging to that type range here in my home in Western Arkansas. 

But even most outdoor ranges require that shooters line up with others, within a 'line' of targets, and perform static shooting without any option to actually train.

Indoor ranges are the worst. Not for target practice. But for any type of realistic training. 

The downside to even the best type of outdoor training ranges is, they're all on flat ground. Ground that many not represent ground we're standing on if we are attacked on a hike, while hunting, fishing, walking on a public trail, or just on uneven ground right within our cities and towns. 

What we never have to work on inside a flat gun range is 'balance'. The ability to hit uneven surfaces, with obstacles, and keep our footing. 

And we don't practice to recover instantly if we do lose our footing. 

Opportunities For Pistol Training On Uneven Ground

But oportunities to exercise realistic training terrain is all around us. Some woods, trails, hills, or any type of uneven terrain with obstacles can add a whole world of training to enhance your ability to actually use your gun. 

Use your gun under stress, on uneven surfaces, having to move from obstacle to obstacle. 

Handgun training off the flat range, and on uneven terrain.

You can do it anywhere with just a hard molded, plastic training gun, and whatever type of holster you regularly carry. 

Use Your Imagination To Train On Uneven Ground 

In whatever uneven terrain you are able to access, you will be able to simulate running with your gun in hand. You'l be able to practice shooting around obstacles, and from cover

You'll be able to practice drawing and using your gun while off balance, dropping, rolling, etc. 

Most people can't make this a 'way of life'. It doesn't have to be. Some initial practice can result in you coming up with all kinds of ideas to learn to maneuver your firearm of choice off the flat range. 

The Benefits Of Handgun Training On Uneven Terrain

This type of training for a few minutes, a couple times per month, will give most gun owners who train, some legitimate enhancement to their regular training.

It can also be great exercise, give you the sense of what the repercussions of a rough environment can be on your body (use a little caution to stay safe while training like this).

And it will add to your reflexive ability to draw and shoot your firearm under stress and in awkward positions. 

Our flat ranges are treasures for trigger time, and target practice. 

But real training will require something besides flat ground. This is available to all of us, all around, right out in the open air. 

The training tools to do it with are inexpensive and safe to use. 

Training Guns - All Available At Amazon

They also have revolver replicas, for those who prefer them, or want to use them alongside a training pistol. While you're there looking at the guns, you can likely find a holster that will work with it for your training. 

Be Realistic And Cautious Training Outside A Range

Keep in mind, that in any training where you are using a moulded training gun, to regard it just like you would a fully loaded and ready to fire pistol or revolver.

Be constantly aware of where the muzzle is pointed, and what your trigger finger is doing. All part of the training.

So, I hope you'll take this to heart. 

Remember that this should be done at your physical ability level. You work out what capacity you have for this phycical activity, so it's most beneficial for your level of fitness and skill with your firearm. 

I hope to hear from some of you, on how this works out for you, what it helps you with, what the challenges are. 

Here's To Your Best Handgun Shooting, On Uneven Ground

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