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How To Form And Operate An Armed Volunteer Church Security Team

What Churches Across The Country Asked For

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volunteer armed church security guide

Armed Volunteer Church Security Guide 3rd Edition

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  • >Specifics To Consider For Church Congregations
  • >Liability Concerns For The Church And Security Team
  • >Planning The Visibility Of Your Armed Security Team
  • >Strategically Choosing Your Armed Volunteers
  • >Best Handgun Types For Armed Security Teams
  • >Checking Your Security Team's Handgun Competence
  • >Assigned Responsibilities of Your Armed Security Team
  • More ........

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We can stick our heads in the sand or we can acknowledge that churches require security from criminal assault just like every other organization.

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Churches across America are putting professional, armed security teams in place.

That's why many leaders are distracted and having to spend their time figuring out how to just get started, much less proceed through the maze of issues.

Those are the ones who contact me.

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This guide won't do the work for you. But it will give you what you need to know how to start and run your armed volunteer ministry.

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Volunteer Armed Church Security

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Here's to a safe congregation in your dynamic spiritual environment.

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