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About The Christian Gun Owner

This is a website about a Christian Gun Owner (that would be me), and that same title applied to millions across the U.S. It's about what we believe and do. It is about guns, the shooting sports, self defense, responsibility, friends and life.

It contains advice and insight about Christians with guns, developed and written from a Christian perspective. 

This website is here to help you if you are new to shooting, a first time gun owner, inexperienced at firearms use. Or it can be useful if you are having a hard time working out some particular problem or challenge with your defensive handgun.

From learning to improve your shooting skills, to teaching kids to shoot, to selecting your first, or next firearm, it's all here.

The Content of The Christian Gun Owner

As to the content of this site, it will be first, informative. Gun reviews take up the majority of the space, along with training articles.

The guns that I write about (primarily pistols and revolvers) are guns I have owned, or used significantly, tested in various scenarios,  and shot for performance and endurance over extended periods of time.

I pay for, maintain and update the web site.

But there is plenty of room for philosophical, and personal opinion, as well as commentary on the news of the day.

All from a Christian perspective.

The site is built without profanity and lewd commentary. You can be sure your kids are safe reading this with you.

However, sometimes dealing with subject matters involving crime, including murder, can result in some articles being somewhat raw in content.

Christian Background

As to Christian credentials, I have been a born again believer since 1982. For that entire time I've been a member of one large, fundamental, non-denominational Christian church in Western Arkansas.

I graduated from the church's 3 year Bible Institute in 1985, worked in lay-ministry for 20 years in the area of Group Ministry and teaching. I served on the full time Pastoral Staff for 9 years.

I was a licensed minister for that time and my job title was "Small Group Director", responsible for the development and structure of Small Groups church-wide.

I, along with the whole staff, worked with a security team, and local law enforcement to keep our facilities safe both during office hours, and during service times with large crowds.

My Shooting And Self Defense Background

Since 2007, I have primarily shot for accuracy, and self defense training. That includes having purposely gained expertise with over 40 handguns and specific rifle competence by firing in all types of target setups and activity.

I led a shooting group in my church called "Right on Target" for 4 1/2 years, have helped dozens of area people with their firearms knowledge, and skill, and operated as one of several range safety officials in that group.

I have carried a concealed handguns since 2007, having carried over 25 models.

I am an NRA member.  

I have a background in two styles of martial arts (Goju-Kai Karate and Taekwondo), and have been a self defense products retailer. I am a CCW "Enhanced" permit holder and daily carry various handguns concealed. (Arkansas Enhanced version as of 2018)

Personally: I work out hard to stay fit and healthy, love to shoot, fish, workout, and do lots of things with my family. I have a wife, daughter, granddaughter, 2 dogs, and a host of some of the greatest Christian friends on earth.

If I am abrasively critical of some people, please don't write to me with the "you call yourself a Christian" nonsense. Jesus referred to the Pharisees of His day as "snakes, vipers, whitewashed tombs, hypocrites" and more. Nowhere are we required to be silent about blatant stupidity and irresponsibility.

About Product Links On the Christian Gun Owner Site 

There are links to organizations, and important product and training resource sites that you will find valuable.

There are some commercial links to businesses I use and organizations I support. The organizations are advocates of gun rights and the businesses are dependable firearms,  accessories, and service dealers that I personally use for my shooting needs, and even self defense legal protection.

Some of those provide affiliate programs and pay commissions for sales generated through this site, at no extra cost to their customers. I use those programs to help finance this website to keep it free to read and benefit from. 

Otherwise, the guides for sale are written by me, and are an excellent value in getting help with each subject addressed. 

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