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Can You Really Use .22 LR For Self Defense?

This article is not a recommendation to use .22 LR ammo and firearms for self defense. It's a consideration for people who, for whatever reason, cannot use a center fire pistol.

This because of injuries or genetic conditions that limit the use of their hands, or make center fire handgun use so painful, it's not tenable.

The question is then, what do you do?

In spite of all the objections from shooters insisting that .22 cannot be used for self defense, the reality is, like most things in life, 'it depends'.

Case in point, for anybody watching this, no matter how bad you are, how tough you are, or how brave you are, if somebody came towards you, pointing a .22 pistol at you, you'd dive for cover.

Because everybody will try to get out of the sights of a gun, knowing that they could be in danger of death, including from a lowly .22 LR round.

Benefits Of .22 Ammo For Self Defense

You can buy .22 ammo in boxes of a thousand, or boxes of 50, and everything in between in most major retailers and dedicated gun stores.

Like other calibers of ammo, there is fair, good, better, best, in various types of .22 ammo.

Value in .22 ammo is the low recoil, controllable action, easy follow up, good velocity - commonly 1050 - 1300 fps, multiple bullet types, lead, jacketed, hollow points.

.22 ammo is easy to fire in volume, which is what would likely be necessary for effective self defense with it.

.22 LR ammo is also easy to practice with, from the perspective of physical use, and low cost.

All considerations and choices for self defense.

Cons Of .22 LR Ammo For Self Defense

Very small wound channel, likely need for multiple shots to stop or sometimes even deter an attacker, critical need for shot placement (more so than with center fire ammo), dependability of even premium .22 LR ammo (questionable).

All of those factors are exacerbated or improved by the function of whatever firearm it is being shot through.

How To Most Effectively Use .22 LR Ammo For Self Defense

With a .22, if somebody is enraged, drug affected, coming at you - you're being attacked, a lot of adrenaline flowing through them, it still can possibly be effective.

The key to maximizing the effectiveness of .22 LR ammo, for self defense, is VOLUME. Not just where you put your shots, which is critical, but how many shots you put there in minimal time.

How To Practice With .22 LR Ammo For Self Defense

To that end, practicing with your .22 LR weapon is important. Important in imagining the worst case scenario and putting your practice shooting to work preparing for that.

Like with most other factors in shooting, practice is key, in determining how effective you will be when the time comes to use it for self defense.

Because of the emphasis on 'volume' in the use of .22 LR for self defense, I used the Taurus TX22 to demonstrate self defense practice in the attached video.

The more rounds your gun carries, the better. Don't obsess over it. Dependability is key. But look to round count as a significant factor in choosing any .22LR weapon for self defense.

Cardboard silhouettes are particularly valuable in practicing with your .22 LR pistol or revolver. Being able to visualize the approximate placing of shots in vital spots, is maximized by using silhouettes.

And remember to both aim, and pump in voluminous rounds to the spots aimed for, when practicing.

As in all other self defense shooting practice, be sure you are simulating as close as possible, whatever scenario could play out in a real dangerous situation.

That so it becomes automatic, should that unthinkable event ever take place in real life.

SUMMARY: No, it's not the most effective round for self defense. But for those with limited, or no other options, it can be viable, with increased effectiveness, according to how consistently you practice with the principles listed above.

Here's to your good shooting ..... and safety.

~Mark Rogers

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