Practical, Tactical Firearms Training

In the world of firearms, there are basically three categories of training.

1). Basic Skills Training: For people new to firearms, or working with firearms new to them. Where you learn basic skills like grip, trigger control, sight alignment, stance, posture, etc. This is where you learn the basics of accuracy and fundamental gun use.

2) Tactical Training: Training, and the practice of actually working through dangerous scenarios against armed assailants. Individual, and team force-on-force, room and building clearing, arms use from a vehicle, etc. Advanced training to use the skills you have developed with #s 1&3.

3) Tactical Skills Training: Hybrid training to use the basic skills you have learned and developed. That by moving, shooting from varying positions, shooting from cover, retreating while shooting, close quarters gun retention shooting, and more. 

1 & 3 are what you can learn with the articles on this website. 


With what's available online today, almost anybody with a place to shoot, a pistol or revolver, and a box of ammo, can learn to do some serious solo training.