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Defensive Handgun Training For Everybody

If you go out and shoot at paper once in a while, great. But if you've thought about improving your training to more realistic levels, this is for your consideration. Read more.

Pistol Training With Silhouette Targets

The defensive training you can do with inexpensive, versatile, silhouette targets is only limited by your imagination. Take your pistol training to the next level. Read more.

Tap, Rack, Bang Mistakes Made In Training With Handguns

When practicing at a public or private range, both the range safety rules and effective training are challenged when trying to accomplish both. But it can be done. Read more.

Move And Shoot - Don't Stand And Die

When practicing for potentially deadly encounters, standing in a static position and shooting paper targets in front of you won't prepare you for reality. Learning to move and shoot may save your life. Read more.

Shoot Back While Evading An Attacker

It's likely you'll do whatever you can to get away from a gun pointed at you. Find out how to practice shooting back as you evade your attacker(s). Read more

Use Your Pistol Or Revolver As A Blunt Striking Weapon

Too often gun owners think that because they carry a gun, their self defense is covered. But in a close, violent encounter, they may have to use it without firing. Read more.

Finally, a personal service to help you solve your handgun challenges and problems.
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