Self Defense Shooting Practice At Realistic Distances

I know some of you get frustrated watching videos online, where pistol shooters seem to be hitting steel targets from 50-100 yds without effort. Videos that claim 1.5" groups at 25 yards with 3 inch pistols.

It's frustrating because no matter how hard you try, you can't duplicate that. And you don't personally know anybody else that can.

Here's a news flash. Nobody can. Including those people in the videos that are showing their targets 'after' you see them shooting at long distances.

When you practice your self defense shooting skills, keep your targets from 5 - 50 feet from you. That will cover any self defense shooting that most civilians will likely ever find themselves in. 

How Do You Practice Shooting With Multiple Weapons? 

Anything past those maximum distances will more than likely give you opportunity to escape.

This is not to negate the importance of practicing more precise shooting at greater distances. It just emphasizes the realities of personal self defense shooting. 

Here's to your best shooting - Always. ~Mark Rogers