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Gun Owner Obsessive Accessory Anxiety

Time For Gun Owners To Start Shooting And Stop Accessorizing

One of the consistent dilemmas that I've encountered as long as I've had an online presence, has been so many gun owners obsessing over accessories they 'have to' add on to their guns to make them just right. 

Anything wrong with adding accessories to your gun? 

Of course not.

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Unless it becomes such an obsession that it keeps the gun owner from shooting their gun for extended periods of time, waiting for some kind of add-on somebody told them they "had to have".

What Kind Of Accessories Do Gun Owners Worry About?

After market triggers, red dot sights, lasers, flashlights, mag extentions, new iron sights. Then, after waiting a month to shoot their gun to get those add-ons, they realize now they can't find a holster to fit their newly modified pistol. 

That list goes on and on and ..........

So the new obsession begins. Still not shooting. Still not carrying. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Asking more social media questions.

Where they get dozens of answers that disagree with each other.

Causing confusion and more obsession, all while the gun sits dormant on a table or in a drawer, waiting for that 'just right' add-on, that will ensure that it works so perfectly, the shooter will never have to look at the target to hit the bulls eye.

Gun Owners Obsession With Accessories Followed By 'How-To' Questions.

In relation to that, people distressed, asking open ended questions online about 'how' to do something to a gun, including something as simple as adjusting a sight. 

On social media. Of.       All.       Places.

More disagreeing answers. 

It's amazing how many people will end up at a gunsmith to have a windage adjustable sight adjusted, when they could do it at home in 5 minutes. 

Without a special sight tool.

The original Smith and Wesson Shield .45ACP below, is an example of a gun for which there are countless aftermarket accessories. And an example that does not need any to operate the way it was intended.  

A Smith and Wesson Shield .45ACP with no accessories

The Cure For Gun Owner 'Accessory Anxiety'


Why you don't have to worry:

Here's the cure

  • Relax. First, buy ammo for that gun. Plenty of ammo before you consider any add-ons.
  • Know that EVERY new gun you buy from any retail shop, is ready to shoot just as it comes out of the box. 
  • Know that unmodified guns you buy from individuals are ready to shoot, just like they are.
  • Smith and Wesson, GLOCK, Beretta, Ruger, Springfield, and countless other gun manufacturers make guns that are ready to go just like they are when you buy them.
  • Now, know that you are perfectly capable of taking that unaccessorized gun, and getting very competent with it, without anything added.
  • So, now, again, relax. 
  • And practice, until you are competent and confident with the gun, just like it was manufactured.
  • After a while, the accessories will still be there. And you'll be in a much better position to know exactly what you 'want' (not have to get), to slightly improve what you're already good at.


How To Use Social Media When You're Really Ready To Add That Accessory

NEVER ask an open ended question on a Facebook status update, group or page, or any public thread on social media.

Determine who you personally know, that absolutely has the knowledge and experience to dependably answer your question. Or to put you on the right path to getting exactly what you need. Send them a private message to ask your question(s).

The grief you'll save yourself from not picking through dozens of conflicting answers will add years to your life. (That's not from a clinical study, but I'm pretty sure it's right.)

Go have a great time shooting that gun that's ready to go. ~Mark Rogers

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