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My Firearms And Training Bio

As of 1/2023


Mark Rogers – Fort Smith, Arkansas
Online Identity: Christian Gun Owner
Lifetime Gun Owner
Since 2005, an avid shooter, trainer, firearms writer, self defense advocate, Second Amendment advocate

Current Certification:
USCCA Certified Range Safety Officer

Current Online Work:
Christian Gun Owner Website:
Christian Gun Owner YouTube Channel:
Christian Gun Owner Facebook Page:

Real World Experience Assisting People With Handgun Training Since 2007:

*Correcting multiple handgun shooting errors.
*Improving stance, grip, trigger pull, sight alignment, target adjustment.
*How to set up multiple targets to train for tactical shooting.
*Correcting notions about handguns thought to be “defective”.
*Adjustments to shooting methods that showed they worked as intended.
*Developed one simple method of progressive target acquisition to immediately improve accuracy.
*Experienced firearms teaching with people from children to elderly adults.
*Taught groups of people from 6 to 20 in number how to shoot effectively and
safely in a live fire range environment.
*One-on-One private handgun instruction, and skills development
*Multiple means of small modifications to firearms that result in big
improvements (for more experienced shooters).
*Instantly increased confidence in gun handling and shooting.
*How to conceal carry effectively, with handguns most effective for specific
personal needs.

Owner – Developer – Writer: Christian Gun Owner Website – Since 2007

*Lifetime Gun Owner
*Continuous firearm ownership, testing, reviewing: Since 2006
*Ownership and expertise with over 60 handguns
*Personal Concealed Carry Since 2007
*Concealed carry experience with over 30 handguns
*Expertise with all modern major type handguns: Striker fired, hammer
fired, revolver, double action, single action, 1911 style,
safety/de-cocker, all sizes.
*Conceal Carry holster type experience, IWB Kydex, IWB Leather, Belt,
IWB Sticky, Pocket Sticky, Belly Band, Ankle.
*Experience and expertise with handgun calibers from .22 to 500 magnum
*Basic use and competence with bolt action rifles.
*Basic use and competence with AR style rifles.
*Basic use and competence with shotguns.
*Typical total range time per month: 15 hours

Firearms Leadership:

*Church Group – “Right on Target” shooting group leader: 4.5 years
*Group Assistant Range Safety Official: 2 years
*Group Chief Range Safety Official: 2.5 years
*Leadership and Safety Official for Multiple groups of shooters since 2008
*Have taught all ages, from small children to elderly adults to safely
handle, work, shoot, and carry their handguns.
*Some limited rifle training during all the above.
*Managed, led, instructed, groups of up to 20 shooters since 2008. Wide
range of ages and shooting skills. No accidents, injuries, or negative

Firearms Employment Leadership:

*4 years. 2015 – 2019: Inventory Control Team Lead with manager responsibilities and
*Security – Ensuring guns made safe and cleared when customers with firearms entered the store.
*Involved a significant percentage of time assisting customers with firearms.
*Handguns: Assisted customers with selection, function, recoil management info,
concealed carry, holsters, ammo, etc.
*Authorizing and completing firearms sales.
*Tested and Certified in general firearms knowledge, FFL procedures, and laws
for firearm sales

Former Handgun Concealed Carry Evaluation Service
*Paid Service: Personal Concealed Carry Evaluations for clients across the country. Clients would provide some basic personal information. Based on that, I would recommend 3 types of guns, along with multiple holsters and carry methods for them personally. Service provided for 4 years. Part time business.

My Personal, Solo Practice/Training With Defensive Handguns
*Bulls eye target shooting
*Tactical speed shooting
*Tactical movement shooting
*Variety positional shooting
*Retreat while shooting practice
*Shooting from cover practice
*Physical stress shooting
*Close quarters guard and retention while drawing/shooting
*Firearm as a blunt weapon practice
*Targets include paper, splatter/paper, silhouette (various paper), cardboard
silhouette, self seal silhouetted, steel, clay.
*Training ammo commonly shot includes 9mm, 40S&W, .357 Magnum, .45 ACP, .44
magnum, 223/5.56

Guides Written By Mark Rogers:

Armed Volunteer Church Security – May be accessed at:

Your Shooting Club Or Group – Starting and successfully operating

7 Handgun Shooting Errors That Affect Accuracy – Which actually provides information on errors developed in 7 different elements of handgun handling and shooting.

Concealed Carry For Almost Everybody – Discontinued as a guide; now a section of the Christian Gun owner website.

Personal Firearm Modifications Performed (Not a gunsmith):

*Sight removal/installations
*Trigger assembly replacement (GLOCK)
*Trigger weight adjustment (Remington 700 rifles)
*Grip Replacements
*Pistol Barrel Replacement
*1911 Extractor Removal/Repair
*Minor handgun finish repair
*Barrel Ramp Burr Removal and Polishing

Handgun Ammo Reloading Experience

Handgun ammo: 9mm, .40S&W, .45 ACP, .38 Spl +P, .357 Magnum, .44 magnum
Expertise with Dillon 550 Progressive Press
Expertise with Lee Classic Turret Press

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