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New Shooters - Handgun Series Videos

Below are the videos from a series I produced for new shooters to develop their pistol and revolver shooting skills.

New Shooter Series - The Handgun Grip For Pistols And Revolvers

This video teaches the fundamentals of the handgun grips that will allow new shooters the greatest advantage in developing their pistol and revolver skills. An article on the Handgun Grip is found here

New Shooter Series - Handgun Trigger Control 

Once you've decided on the grip you'll proceed with, pistol and revolver trigger control is your next concern. Getting this down is critical in all shooting you'll do in the future. As you pull the trigger on your pistol or revolver, mentally thinking about each shot now, will pay big dividends in future training. Future training where you'll be shooting fast and moving. 

New Shooter Series - Arm Position While Shooting A Handgun

Arm position, while shooting a handgun, can seriously affect your shooting accuracy performance positively or negatively. Making sure your arms are strongly positioned, while still allowing steady handling, will maximize your ability to hit your bulls eye or tactical target.

New Shooter Series - Pistol And Revolver Sight Picture

This video on the sight picture (alignment) pulls together the first three, to complete the processes in your upper body, developing your pistol and revolver accuracy.

New Shooter Series - Handgun Shooting Posture And Stance

Your shooting posture and stance provides the platform for everything you've learned to do above your waist, including grip, trigger control, arm position, and sight picture. 

New Shooter Series - Target Distance Placement

Once you have down all the physical mechanics of what you will make the gun do, the final, and critical step in getting started is to get your target placement right. It's this process that lets you put together a shooting test that will accurately reveal, and help you correct any deficiencies in your shooting. 

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