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Maverick 88 Security Shotgun 15 Years Later

[Jan. 29/2024] This Maverick 88 12 gauge shotgun (by Mossberg) was reviewed about 14 years ago (in 2010), in another article on this site.

This is an update with the same gun, still in use, with the added improvement of a 'Limb Saver' butt stock pad.

The Maverick 88 in the video has been with me for about 15 years.

With the 18.5 " barrell it is considered a 'security' model, self defense shotgun, though it can be used for other recreational purposes.

Today, in 2024, this and multiple other models of the Maverick are still in production by Mossberg.

While the Maverick 88 will take up to 3" 12 gauge rounds, the 2 3/4 inch version of '00' buckshot will serve you better in terms of effectiveness, tolerable pain delivery to your shoulder, and cost.

As to quality, and durability, this Maverick 88 operates no differently, has not degraded in any way, since I first got it out of the box in 2009.

It has been used for recreational shooting, self defense range practice, a little clay pigeon shooting, and to keep handy around the house.

The gun is painful to shoot with the existing butt stock pad. Since the video was put out, I've gotten reports that the new guns currently being manufactured are coming with butt stock pads considerably better than this original one. 

This one went from that painful status to 'enjoyable' by the simple addition of a limb saver butt stock pad.

About five minutes turned the gun from a shoulder crushing beast into a much more desirable extended shooting session firearm.

After 15 years with this one, the Maverick remains a solid recommendation, whether you find one used, or buy one new. It'll serve you well.

Just don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to save your shoulder with a replacement butt stock pad.

Here's to your good shooting.

~Mark Rogers

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