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40 S&W Ammo Is Here To Stay

This article is written in spring of 2023. But I'm betting it'll be proven correct ten years from now. 

40 S&W ammo is not dead. It is not 'done for'. It is not 'on its way out'. 

40 S&W here to stay

40 caliber Smith and Wesson ammo is what it has always has been. An excellent round that fills a gap between the multiple loads possible with 9mm, and the fewer loads available in .45 ACP.

40 cal bullets are generally larger and heavier than 9mm, slightly slower, but with a greater power factor. Bullets are generally smaller and lighter than .45, but faster, and with greater barrier penetration.

In all that, it comes in with a good deal less recoil than the initial FBI choice of 10mm, making it more manageable shot to shot.

It fills the gap it was intended for. 

Law Enforcement History With 40 Cal Ammo

The history of the FBI's use of .38 and 9mm followed by 10mm, then settling on the downsized .40 S&W is well known and documented. The round emerged in 1990, followed shortly by pistols from GLOCK and Smith and Wesson.

The rest is history. The round went to work for the FBI, and eventually began to be mass produced by most major ammunition manufacturers. 

Major gun manufacturers got on board, built multiple new models of .40 S&W pistols.

The .40 caliber round became permanenty dug in. 

The guns and the ammo have been continuously produced ever since. Millions of .40 cal handguns in circulation.

The Nonsense Of 'Dead' 40 S&W Ammo

In 2014, the FBI surprisingly returned to the 9mm rounds and pistols. The advancements in the ammo, the cost effectiveness, and the ability of officers to recover more quickly shot to shot, tipped the scales against the .40 caliber rounds they had used for 24 years.

And from there, geniuses in the gun world, wanting to look like gurus, putting up clickbait titles, stating that 40 S&W was 'dead'. Stupid statements every time they're made.

40 S&W Is Alive And Well - You'll Have It As Long As You Want It

And it's still being produced. The guns still being manufactured. 

This article is not to get anybody to change their mind about .40 S&W. If you hate it, just don't use it. 

But it's not going away. 

Not now. Not anywhere in the forseeable future. 

SUMMARY: An excellent round that is powerful, accurate, with superior barrier penetration. A round used by seasoned competitive shooters to make power factor.

Admittedly it is a round used best in full size handguns in experienced hands. Or in the hands of somebody who is willing to use it, and practice with it until it works for them.

It's also good in compact guns. Smaller than that, it takes determination to handle it, recovering from shot to shot. 

Hang on to your .40 caliber pistols. Get as much .40 caliber ammo as you want. Or as little. Because when you use that up, there'll be plenty more. Both now......

And ten years from now.

40 S&W: Alive and well, with plenty to go around.

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