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CGO Privacy Policy

The Christian Gun Owner web site does not collect any personal information from visitors, except that which is submitted by them through the contact form(s) or through a product purchase.

None of the information submitted by users is shared with any third parties under any circumstances.

The web host and/or third party analytics programs collect typical data such as user i.p. addresses, location of servers, visitor count, path through the web site, browser type, etc. This is typical data used to evaluate site performance. It does not include personal information of the user.

Third Party Links

There are numerous non affiliated sites linked to throughout the Christian Gun Owner site. The CGO has no control over the privacy policy or user experience of those sites. They are simply linked to for the relevance of the site to the CGO page.

Third Party Ads

The Christian Gun Owner has affiliate relationships with some advertisers linked to from this site. However, all of these advertisers linked to are organizations that the CGO is familiar with, and trusts with good customer service and accurate product/service descriptions and provision.

These sites may install cookies or other web data on the visitor's browser to help maintain accurate information to serve that visitor. Cookies and other web data used this way are typical and necessary to provide good customer service from the companies to the customer.

Tracking data such as this can be easily deleted from a visitor's browser through features within their browser. Or they can be avoided completely by features within their browser. However, disabling cookies and similar data from sites disables the ability of merchants to serve their customers accurately.

Due Diligence

While all sites linked to are relevant to the CGO site, and believed to be safe, valuable businesses, please use due diligence in evaluating site privacy, and product or service value.

While the Christian Gun Owner may, from personal experience and knowledge, promote and endorse a company, product or service, I/We make no warranty, expressed or implied, for any such product or service sold through any third party. Each advertiser/company will have their own unique warranties for their product or service.

Companies linked to and services used may include, but are not limited to SkimLinks (for multiple affiliate product links), Brownell's, Cabella's, Clickbank, USCCA, GunClicks ad network.

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