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Men or women, if you’re new to handguns  or have some experience but are new to concealed carry,
Your Concealed Carry Evaluation ends indecision and delay. It will enable you to take decisive action to
get your gun, holster it, cover it up, and go. No more delays in getting the weapon and carry methods to
protect your life and your family.

You’ll get a CCW evaluation that will work with your experience, physical condition, lifestyle and
employment. It will show exactly what will work for you and exact adjustments that will be needed to carry

What to expect from submission of the Concealed Carry Evaluation Form:

A multi-page, Concealed Carry Evaluation with text and photos for your unique carry needs.
A recommendation of three types of handguns, with carry methods for each.
Recommendations for any adjustments needed, noted from the submission of your information.
A Concealed Carry Considerations page that will help you put in perspective why you’ll get the specific
advice in the evaluation.
I (Mark) will communicate with you through your email address.
You will be able to communicate back with me and expect a response.
All information submitted will be considered in your evaluation.
Continued consultation with me after you receive your evaluation.

I don’t abandon anybody, but remain available to answer questions as you put your evaluation to work
finding your gear and learning to use it.

If you want to get started on your form now Click Here
   " Good evening Mark,

    Wow, I am very impressed with the detail and in depth coverage of the topics. Thank you very much. You have
several great ideas that I will look into. I had not thought about a bellyband. Also your suggestions for carry
guns/styles are also sound.

    Thank you for the time you took to assemble this information for me. I will let all my friends know about your great
personal service.

    Thank you again."

    Craig Sickles (Texas)
I’m Mark Rogers, owner of the Christian Gun Owner website. I’d be happy to help you with the
difficult concealed carry questions you deal with.

No guesswork. You’ll be able to walk into a store and tell the employees what you want without
hesitation or doubt.

All you’ll have to do is get the evaluation, read it, do it. If you can do that, you’ll be carrying the gun or
guns that will work for you in no time.

As of this writing, for the past seven years, I’ve carried over 30 different models of handguns.

For seven years, I’ve been answering questions about concealed carry from people across the U.S.
For seven years I’ve been carrying handguns that are: striker fired, hammer fired, 1911 style, pistols
with and without decockers, and various revolvers.
For six and a half years, I’ve been advising people daily about individual factors concerning concealed
For four and a half years, I led a shooting group that was part of our church Small Group ministry. We
trained people from 6 - 76 how to safely handle, work and shoot all types of civilian available firearms.
I frequently consult with church pastors/leadership about the effect of concealed carry laws for churches
in their location.

Who needs answers to concealed carry questions?

All Ages
Men and Women
People who are new to gun ownership
People who are experienced with rifles but not handguns
People who are experienced with handguns and rifles but not concealed carry
People who have begun carrying concealed but are distressed by the negatives they hear
People who are new to concealed carry but are having problems with some elements for them
People who are in conflict with their spouse about gun ownership and concealed carry
People who have home safety concerns about their kids finding their gun
People with any level of physical challenges: injuries, arthritis, bursitis, back problems, joint pain, carpel   
tunnel syndrome, bad knees ……

Your Concealed Carry Evaluation with Handgun Recommendations will cut through the clutter of
information overload.

Read the evaluation. Do what it says. You can purchase your first handgun in the morning
and be carrying it by that night. Safely, effectively, with easy access to your life protecting weapon.
Have you asked any of these questions?

    What can I do legally?
    What can I do effectively?
    What if my gun prints?
    What holster do I use?
    What if my gun falls out?
    Can I handle the recoil?
    Is my gun too big?
    Is my gun the right caliber?
    Do I have the right self defense ammo?
To answer those questions and a multitude of others, a gun store employee would have to know a lot
more about you than they are willing to pursue. That’s why often people are irresponsibly sold what is
trendy rather than what is best for them personally.

Well, concealed carry has just gotten simpler for:
*Anybody willing to spend a little time considering their cc needs.
*Anybody willing to trust me with some information about themselves that directly relates to how they can
carry concealed.
*Anybody willing to spend just a little to save a vast amount of time and money seeking out and “trying”
everything on the market.

I’ve developed a system of presenting to you a comprehensive concealed carry evaluation that is specific
to you and your needs. It’s a system now proven to work for people of all ages across the U.S., men or

This is a Texas resident who I helped with concealed carry and handgun recommendations for when he
and his wife are in the states. They are missionaries, here writing from Gyor Hungary.

    "Hi Mark,

    First let me tell you how much I appreciate your professional, thorough, concise and quick response. I appreciate
your years of experience helping people with their gun questions and needs. This information is very helpful,
exactly what I needed and I have already mentioned your website to 2 other people.


    Larry and Melinda Ewing
    Dózsa György rakpart  43 1. em.
    39026 Győr Hungary
You can start here with a full evaluation and handgun recommendation.

This evaluation will not be based on guesswork.

Recommendations for handguns and methods of concealed carry based on:

    -Your height and weight
    -Your general physical condition
    -Your hand size
    -Your typical clothing
    -Your daily activities
    -Your employment (if employed)
    -Your type of transportation
    -Your physical challenges

And more based on the information you submit to me. Nothing that is necessary has to be left out,
though much of the submission form is optional.

In other words, you won’t have to look endlessly online, hunt stores for weeks, absorb mounds of
conflicting information, spend a fortune trying unknown products for unknown results.

With your submission of information to me you will get an evaluation of handguns, holsters or other carry
accessories, and carry methods. All what will work specifically for you - not for a thousand other

I’ve done everything I can for seven years to gain experience and trust. Now my goal is to take that six
years and provide a solid, clear concealed carry system for you.

It’s a system you can depend on to effectively carry a concealed handgun. And it’s a system to help you
avoid the endless time and money traps so many people find themselves in trying to figure it all out.

Let’s get started on your concealed carry evaluation today. Below or on the sidebar is the link to the
form that will allow you to choose the option for your evaluation.

No reason to delay getting what you know you need to defend yourself with.

Let’s get started.
  Answering these questions will tell you if you need this service:
1. Do you have the handgun(s) you know you will carry regularly?
2. If you have the gun(s), do you have the carry gear you know you need to carry effectively?
3. If you have guns and carry gear, are you carrying the guns regularly, as legal in your area?

           If the answer to any of those questions is no, you're not alone.
This is the world I've lived in for the last 7 years.
Teaching men, women and kids to safely handle and shoot firearms.
Teaching adults how to carry their handguns most effectively concealed.



Concealed Carry Evaluation

No More Delays In Carrying Your Personal Protection Handgun

Individualized Concealed Carry for Adult Men or Women of Any Age
The risk of waiting to arm yourself has never been greater.
No reason for you not to take advantage of it