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Carrying A J Frame Revolver

Carrying a J frame revolver is not difficult to do. The biggest challenge is to just figure out which of the multitude of ways you want to do it on any given day with whatever activity you'll be engaging in and how you will dress.

In any case, there is hardly any way of dressing other than naked that will not allow carrying a diminutive J Frame revolver.

Considerations For Carrying A J Frame Revolver

With a modern J Frame, or any modern revolver for that matter, carrying it in just about any manner with the hammer down is safe enough. However,thought should always be given to access when carrying this or any concealed handgun.

Fact is, you can drop any J Frame revolver in a holster, purse, pocket, fanny pack, or stuffed in the waistband of your pants. You don't have to worry about the gun being unintentionally fired.

With virtually all modern revolvers, even dropping it on the muzzle will not cause it to fire because of the hammer block that keeps the firing pin from hitting the case primer until the trigger is pulled.

So, the main thought when carrying a J Frame revolver, is how and where you will carry it so that it is easily and quickly accessed. Because all of the advantages of a gun you can carry safely in any manner are moot if you can't get to it in an emergency.

Most Basic J Frame Carry - Pocket Pouch

So, let's start at the easiest time of year to carry any gun....mid fall thru early spring when heavy clothing, jackets and coats are typically worn.

In this weather, just tuck it in to an inexpensive Uncle Mike's or similar pocket "Sidekick" and slide it in a side or vest pocket.

Simple. Easily concealed.

Easy to access. Safe.

J-Frame Revolver in a pouch

J Frame Revolver In An Ankle Holster

Now if you are a businessman or woman and wear clothes that do not allow this type carry all day long, but you still want to be armed, an ankle holster is the answer with slacks and socks worn. This Fobus ankle holster is what I carry mine in. Not as accessible as in a pocket, but better than not having a gun with you.

Choose from this one and many others on

And irrespective of the fact that you have to use both hands to access it, it's surprisingly easy to draw with a little practice. And it keeps you armed when other methods just don't work.

By the way, don't try to conceal your gun this way by putting the holster on over your socks.

Put it around your ankle and pull your sock up over it. This way, even when you sit down and your pants leg comes up a bit, it's not noticeable. You'll go through more socks, but you won't have anybody freaked out from spotting your gun.

In this same scenario, another way to carry this small J Frame revolver is with one of the band type fabric holsters that allows the gun to be carried below the belt line, right in line with the crotch. A quick push up with one hand, draw with the other.

Kind of bizarre having a gun in that position and I don't use one myself, but I know some people that do quite successfully. Whatever floats your boat. It will work if you get one and tuck it in.

In warm weather, carrying the J Frame revolver is not difficult either. Carrying it in the same Uncle Mikes pocket Sidekick, it will go in a cargo pocket or it can be dropped into a fanny pack.  

Inside The Waistband Works For A J Frame Revolver

Also, with a casual shirt, the gun tucks easily into any of countless inside the waistband holsters. The gun is small enough to be carried comfortably this way and your waistband/belt will pull the gun into your side eliminating any printing through your shirt.

J frame revolver IWB holster

Check out some choices for your J-Frame here.

There's a reason I carry this revolver and have never gone the semi auto "pocket gun" route. After testing them side by side, the difference in control, accuracy and reliability goes solidly in favor of the revolver.

The significant difficulty in hitting a target 15 feet away with a tiny semi auto compared to the confidence building accuracy of the revolver out past 30 feet was enough for me. Add to that the inherent issues with dependability that has plagued virtually every brand of semi auto "mouse gun" and it was a clear choice for me.

For filling in those times when the only way to be armed is with a small gun, the J Frame revolver is a clear choice for me.

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