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Blackhawk TECGRIP Inside the Waistband Holster Review

For those of us who have been shooting handguns for a long time, most of us have a closet full of holsters that we don't use. Holsters we tried, but that didn't make the cut for whatever reason. 

Today, there are a lot of holsters available, some part of very elaborate systems of interchangeable parts and methods of carry. All have some type of loop, or snap, or clip or ...... whatever to hold them in place.

Some work well for a wide range of demands. Most will end up in people's "closet collection".  

For my own carry methods, I've kept my holster choices pretty simple.That has carried over to the latest addition to my collection, the Blackhawk TECGRIP holster. 

For most people considering these sticky wonders, it's hard to get their mind wrapped around. That was a challenge for me too.

Until I tried it. Then I began to use it. 

Now, my mind is clear; my confidence complete in the Blackhawk TECGRIP. 


At this writing I have used them in every scenario I exist in where I carry any type handgun. Walking, standing, sitting, kneeling, crawling, lying, rolling around on the ground, the holster works, no matter the size gun you have tucked in. 

That's inside the waistband. With no belt clip. With no belt loop. Yeah, read it as many times as you need to. I had to work up some belief to try it the first time too. 

Loosen your pants and belt, put the holster/gun combo in where you want it and tighten your belt. Then forget it. 

It. Is. Going. Nowhere.

You could put this holster in place. Then you could have somebody attach a chain to your leg and drag you all over town. Whatever the consequence to you, the Blackhawk TECGRIP would still be in place. 

I have two IWB models; one for full size pistols, one for small compacts. Both work equally as well. 

Full size for my S&W M2.0, GLOCK 23, Canik TP9SF, Stoeger Cougar

Compact size for my Smith and Wesson Shield .45 ACP

The Blackhawk TECGRIP Inside the Waistband holster can be widely purchased from both brick and mortar retailers and countless online sellers. 

I wish I could tell you that just like your favorite belt-clip holster, you can just pull out on your waistband and push it down it, adjusting as you go. 

Nope, not with this holster. 

You will have to have your pants loosened and belt unbuckled. You will need to get the holster in place; then button your pants and tighten your belt. 

The holster is just too sticky to do otherwise. Did I mention that the holster is going nowhere, once you tuck it in? 

But that's exactly what you want. 


There are endless claims about all brands of inside-the-waistband holsters about their no-print characteristics. None of them are no-print. To get any holster not to print at all, you have to work at it with clothing, placement, cover garments, etc. 

This one is no exception. 

It's just better at allowing concealment IWB than any other leather or kydex holster you'll find, regardless of the claims. 

Below are a couple of pictures of the total bulk added to your firearm when you have this tucked in. No other holster material comes close to this lack of bulk, regardless of their make or retention methods. 


If there is a con to owning this holster, it's in this challenge. Getting the gun drawn is no problem. It will slide smoothly out of the holster, easy to get a grip from.

The challenge is getting it back in once you get it out. No, it slides in just fine. 

But when you draw the gun, the holster closes up under the pressure from you waistline and belt. 

It's at that point where significant care comes into play, playing close attention to safely getting the gun back on the holster.

Looking down, pulling out on the outside edge of the holster, watch the muzzle of the gun carefully as you slowly place it back in and release the edge of it. 

This is where it is less than ideal for carrying when you know you may have to remove the gun several times a day, based on whatever your local concealed carry limitations are. 

Not dangerous if you're careful. Just not ideal for lots of drawing and re-holstering. 


This is a holster that I will be using permanently along with a few others. With multiple size options for a wide range of handguns, most people will be able to take advantage of this holster. 

They are ambidextrous, and currently come in Pocket and Inside the Waistband models. 

It is a product that as an addition to the usual stable of holsters, what I now consider essential in its value for effective concealed carry. 

In picking them up, looking at them, and wondering, you can be sure, they exceed the expectations of their simple appearance. 

As good as it is, the price doesn't indicate it. You can get them for around $20 - $25 just about anywhere.  

The Blackhawk TECGRIP is a winner in every regard a product should be. 

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