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How To Remain New To Concealed Carry For The Rest Of Your Life

In case you're confused by the title, it's not good. The idea when people begin to explore how, when, where to carry their concealed handguns, is to get good at it and get on with it.

Not the way it works with multiple thousands of hand wringing concealed carry wannabes. Wannabes that think they need to find a handgun the size of a canister of Tic-Tacs so they don't have to change their clothing style.

If you don't want to make any adjustments to your clothing and other habits, forget concealed carry. Don't compromise on getting a full size or compact handgun that you can get a full grip on and control to be able to fit into your skin tight garb.

Forget concealed carry if your primary considerations fall in the "I don't like" category. Few people are initially comfortable with their concealed carry handgun and gear if they are carrying something effective, accessible, controllable and deadly.

Why Many People Never "Get It" About Concealed Carry

I've answered questions, now numbering in the thousands over the years, and the following are examples of why men or women have a difficult time working out their CC needs.

The Skinny Jean Syndrome:

"I wear form fitting [read too-tight] jeans and tank tops because it's hot where I live. I need something I can fit in my jeans pocket."

I tell this person to just forget it. Or I give them an evaluation that suggests fully adjusting their wardrobe to accommodate their gun and carry gear. Not the other way around.

The Four-Year-Old "I Don't Like" Syndrome:

I don't like the feel of .....; I don't like the way I have to ....; I don't like to wear an untucked shirt .....; I don't like to wear a jacket ....; I don't like to have to ......;

Just forget concealed carry if you're going to base it on everything you don't like. Few people "like" everything they have to do initially to effectively carry a defensive handgun.

Too Much Recoil Syndrome:

"Reduce the recoil, too much recoil, can't stand the recoil, doesn't have as much recoil".

All one great big quotation. FACT: Recoil is a natural dynamic of any properly operating center fire caliber handgun (.32 up).

A major contributing factor to this is the YouTube Crap Obsession. To get rid of that condition stop watching the kind of garbage below. None of it is under the watch of competent gun handlers/instructors.

What does that have to do with concealed carry?

The gun you carry should be big enough for a full grip and fast access. It should be a center fire caliber powerful enough to shoot through something besides paper.

MEN: If you're too much of a muffin to choose an appropriately powerful handgun because of recoil, forget carrying a concealed handgun. Carry your fingernails. Those will work fine if you're attacked.

WOMEN: Ignore men who tell you a gun is "too big" or has "too much recoil". Those are muffins themselves. Find a center fire caliber handgun that fits your hand with a full grip, is an effectively deadly caliber (9mm - .45ACP). Get a proper grip on it and fire away. It won't hurt you.

Here is some help for the women. Women Can Overcome Handgun Recoil

Men afraid of recoil can watch too. Just don't tell anybody a video for women helped you overcome your fear of recoil.

Tiny Gun Syndrome:

Tiny Gun Syndrome: "I need a little, tiny, minute, small, miniscule, weightless, gun I can fit in my jeans pocket."

That's a gun that will help you get killed if you depend on it when you need it when you are unexpectedly attacked. By the time you pry it out, get the slide back, get the gun aimed, shoot a foot and a half off from where you pointed, you're dead.

Carry like an adult. For your primary carry weapon, learn to use a holster with a gun in it you can grab with all four fingers and a thumb.

A little perspective: I know highly experienced gun handlers/shooters who necessarily carry very small guns from time to time. The one characteristic about them is they know the significant limitations of guns that size and can expertly adjust to their use.

If you haven't become expert in the use of full size and compact handguns, carrying a tiny subcompact semi-auto pistol carries a death wish with it.

So, what is all this really?

Is most of the above sarcastic? Yeah. Why? Because so many people write asking for advice while qualifying what they want with all that vomit above.

If you want advice, ask. I'll be glad to provide what I know.

Just don't qualify your request with a bunch of stuff that is personal to your fear, perception, likes and dislikes. I can't help you with that. I can help you with what and how you can effectively carry, to keep from getting killed.

I can tell you what will work under specific conditions and what kind of gun will enable you to defend yourself and your family under severe life threatening conditions. I can tell you how to carry that gun effectively.

What I can't do is qualify all that with what you like/don't like or prefer.

Ask for advice all you want. But don't expect an answer based on your personality. Be willing to change whatever is needed to effectively carry and defend yourself with a deadly weapon.

And be ready to take it out and get used to carrying it. Be ready to take it to the range or in the woods practicing. Be ready to be sure you know what it is you're pulling out of your holster.

Just so you know, I don't put this here because I'm mean.

I put it here because I know the serious adjustments many people are going to have to make to defend themselves and their families with a deadly weapon.

Drop all the personal preferences and prepare to carry the right thing for the right situation.

Let's get it right the first time.

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