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Defensive Handgun Training For Everybody

You see them all over the internet. Blogs, social media posts, forums with advising the rest of us underlings what "system" is absolutely necessary for any hope of being effective with our defensive handgun training.

You've no doubt seen and possibly been disturbed by your inability to attend Gunsite Academy, Front Sight Firearms Training Academy, USA Firearm Training, to mention just a few of countless, training facilities.

No problem if you have a week off work, and some thousands of dollars to spend.

All of us do, right?

Here's the caveat if you do decide to make whatever sacrifices necessary to attend a top rated handgun training operation. The training is effective in terms of teaching techniques.

But it doesn't last.

Unless you continue it week after week, month after month, indefinitely. If you attend one, come home and put your gun up, thinking the training will still be with you when you get it out 6 months later, you'll get an unpleasant surprise.

We've all seen shows that presents the horrific training that Navy SEALs go through when they are attempting to make it into the ranks without ringing the bell. The impression the rest of us can get is that when a guy makes it through all that they just go out and fight.

Well, kinda.

But the intense training doesn't end. It continues day after day, week after week the entire time they remain in the special forces unit.

Because those kinds of skills are diminishing.

They don't last if the soldiers don't keep practicing them. Their minds, bodies, and skills have to be continually honed for action that demands the gravest of combat effectiveness.

Real world ability is not found in credentials and certificates.

So, we think we can take an NRA Pistol course and it makes us a better shot, more effective under stress, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.......

Not hardly

This is the reality for most of us. 

Even if we have the chance to attend a defensive handgun training school or course location.

We have to personally, and frequently, set up scenarios to practice what we've learned.

Or we've just wasted time.

Defensive firearms training

Time To Start Your Own Repeatable Handgun Training

In other words, it's time to set your range, your targets, load your ammo for training that you can do over and over with whatever variance you need. Handgun training you can keep current.

Here is real training most of us can do anytime. Training that is for anybody, anywhere, whether they can attend professional training or not.

With just a simple range pistol bay setup, look what Jacquilyn is doing below. 

When you train for real, showing off becomes a thing of the past.

By the way, when you begin to train by moving and shooting as in an emergency scenario, you won't have any "tight groups at [xx] yards" to show off. Your objective will be to just make your bullets land somewhere in a target, hit a piece of paper, hit the paper silhouette center mass. 

You'll be training to use your gun in an emergency. Not just to get a good picture of a target center. 

Many people reading this will be people who have one or more handguns with time for some practice throughout each month. All of us live in different places with various degrees of opportunity, according to our states' laws.

Whatever those opportunities are in your area, find ways to maximize them. I've written an article to give some basic ideas on range setups, including steel targets to set up training scenarios that will let you maximize the use of your handgun.

Credentials are fine, but ongoing training you plan and carry out regularly will beat any one time visit to any training facility anywhere. 

Self training that if used will give you the best chance possible of automatically handling your gun with enough skill to survive should the unthinkable happen.

From here on, I encourage you to not worry about what you can't do. There is plenty to learn from online and in publications you can get ideas from.

Use your imagination and do what you can do to set up realistic handgun training that will keep your handgun skills sharp and automatic should you have to use them.

And don't be put off by anybody who tells you it's not possible to get ready to defend yourself and your family without breaking the bank attending a training course that won't last past your ability to practice it over and over.

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