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Using Your Pistol Or Revolver As A Blunt Striking Weapon

So what happens when your handgun is not something you can use to protect yourself by firing it? Then your pistol or revolver might become an effective blunt weapon to strike an attacker in close quarters.

In addition to that, in this situation which is more likely than an attack taking place under "ideal" circumstances that give you time to think, draw, move, you may have to otherwise fight with your hands and feet.

Situations in which you might have to strike with your gun, rather than fire.

  • One or more assailants steps out of concealment right in front of, or next to you.
  • Someone rushes in on you before you can get in position to use your handgun.
  • You're being bodily held down on the ground. 
  • There are bystanders in close proximity to the assault, keeping you from firing.

IMPORTANT: Before going further, it should be understood, this is not for internet warriors who want to bloviate about how tough they are. 

The point of this article is like any other where self defense is concerned. It's about doing what you have to do to 1) defend, 2) get distance, 3) stop the threat, 4) escape. 

Your handgun is not the end-all of self defense. There are innumerable likely scenarios where an attack could take place that would inhibit your ability to fire. In those cases, your next best defense may be to strike, with hands, feet, and ..... your gun. 

Training for this type scenario can be done with any training gun, and something to punch and kick like either of the bags in the pictures. 

When assailants are too close to you to draw and fire, or there are bystanders, taking what looks like a "passive" stance is the first step. The position of your hands is critical.

In the picture, my hands are crossed in front of me, making me look cooperative and submissive. They're actually locked-n-loaded.

The reality is that my hands are in position to strike at the face or throat of either attacker that is within arms reach or with a single step towards either. 

All of this is important, but becomes much more important to maintain as you get older.

If you're in your 50s, 60s, 70s, or older, it is critically important that you maintain or accomplish your flexibility, strength, and ability to use your hands, elbows, knees, and feet to protect yourself. 

The chance you will only have to use your gun to protect yourself in a criminal encounter is small. Basic self defense coupled with the competent use of your handgun gives you the best chance of surviving a violent encounter.

Being able to effectively use your hands and feet to fend off attackers and put some distance between you and them, will enable you to then use your firearm if they continue their pursuit of you. 

If an attacker is too close for you to draw your firearm and shoot, you may still be able to draw and strike with it as a blunt object. You can strike around, across, under, to the face, throat, groin, etc. 

Striking forward and back with your pistol can effectively drive back two attackers to give you a chance to move away.

If a first shot backhand to the face doesn't move your assailant, a second downward backhand strike to the groin might. 

Your pistol can turn into a monumental blunt force striking weapon in your hand, if you're ready for anything. 

Being able to effectively use your hands and feet to fend off attackers and put some distance between you and them, will enable you to then use your firearm if they continue their pursuit of you. 

The Point Of All Violent Self Defense Action


No, not to see who's the best fighter. Not to see who has the most physical skills. Not to see who can most effectively shoot it out. 

The point of all violent self defense encounters is to stop the attacker, and escape. You, your family, friends, bystanders, whatever the situation calls for. 

Stop the threat. Escape.

Summary Of Using Your Gun As A Blunt Striking Weapon

Find a way to work out with a training gun. Find something you can punch, kick, push. Lots of training bags on the market. You should be able to find one or more for your strength and experience level. 

This video on Using Your Handgun As A Striking Weapon is a demonstration of what is contained in the article. 

Work to become automatically tuned to responding to violent threats or assaults with as broad a range of knowledge and experience as possible. 

Let's all work together to produce more scenarios where the good guys come out safely, while criminals bite the dust. 

Walk out alive and well.

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