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Tuckable IWB Leather Holster By Front Line

Yeah, that's actually me. But what's hard to imagine, I have a holster inside my waistband with my shirt tucked in. And it actually works. Read more .....

Front Line IWB Holster For A Loaded GLOCK

This is a holster, unique in its class. A good quality leather holster with a kydex insert for trigger guard securing. Holds your loaded, ready to fire GLOCK safely and securely, while making it easy to smoothly draw. Read more

Blackhawk TECGRIP Inside the Waistband Holster Review

One of the stickiest holsters I've ever gotten my hands on. This low cost wonder will stay in a waistband or pocket no matter how vigorous your activity. Almost unbelievably, it's become one of my most used on-body carry holsters. Read more

Fobus Ankle Holster - To Go Armed All The Time

Ankle holsters are not pretty, and they take some serious getting used to. That said, they can often be a solution that helps us go armed as close to 100% of the time as possible. Fobus ankle holster. Read more

Belly Band Holster For Pistols Or Revolvers 

Learning to use these type holsters will significantly improve your options for concealed carry, under many conditions. Read more.

Clinger No Print Wonder Holster Review

A great holster in quality, intent, and performance. But with a couple of issues you'll want to know about. Read more.

Do you want to form a Shooting Group or club, that will pull together friends, family, and associates? A Group you can lead individually, or with the backing of a church or business?

With experienced shooters in the leadership positions of this type group, it can serve as a strong supplemental asset to your armed Church Security Team

No better opportunity than a group formed through a church to allow its members to shoot both recreationally, and for practice in their role as protectors. 

Here's How To Do It
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