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Move And Shoot - Don't Stand And Die

Social media posts, magazine articles, forums, and more are full of photos of people who never move to practice any of their shooting. 

Those same people love to put up pictures of their "groups" that are so-many-centimeters apart, shooting from the distance of a football field to hear them tell it. That makes everybody feel good. 

Until if and when they have to use those still-skills in a deadly encounter. 

A criminal shooter is not going to give you a chance to get in your favorite stance, aim carefully, control your breathing, and focus on your front sight.

While you carefully "press" the trigger and shoot him in the forehead. 

Instead, he's going to shoot you dead while you stand still and provide a static target.

In all your "target practice", if you're not learning to move and shoot, you're simply practicing to stand and die. 

Anybody Can Train To Move And Shoot For Self Defense

The good news is you don't have to be a competitive shooter, a trained operative, or a graduate of some highly touted training facility to practice moving and shooting. Shooting while moving in a way that can improve your chances of survival in a deadly encounter. 

In most any place you shoot outdoors you should be able to set up targets that let you simulate dealing with multiple attackers.

Targets that you can weave in and out of. Targets that you can use for simulated cover to shoot from. 

Your imagination is your best training tool when learning to move while you shoot. 

In the pictures on this page and on the video, you can see how we have simply set and reset our range targets to allow us to run and weave in and out. Shooting while moving. Moving into position and shooting from cover. Engaging multiple attackers.

Without simulating the act of standing still and dying at the hands of a criminal who can simply out-maneuver us. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a training article and the vid is not a training video. This is an article and video to give some basic ideas for what you can do. There is virtually no limit to how you can set up targets for training.

The first Move-And-Shoot range setup allowed us to start with the steel target up front, move to the right or left to shoot paper. From there we proceeded to the back wood stand using it as simulated cover to shoot at the back round steel targets.

Finally, we could run to the side and shoot the hanging steel silhouette. And back to the round steel if we had ammo left.

The second Shoot And Move Setup allowed shooting and moving from side to side on the front round steel, followed by shooting the blue silhouette. Then we made our way to the paper targets, followed by the steel silhouette. 

Running the full course put us in a kind of "Z" pattern while moving and shooting. 

The third Move While You Shoot setup allowed us to shoot steel, paper, steel, paper, steel This was all with a type of moving and maneuvering like we were having to navigate through multiple people to return fire to an assailant. 


No limits except the number and kinds of targets you can acquire or make. The same target stands you shoot towards can be used for simulated cover when you shoot at others. 

Move while shooting. It's what you would likely have to do to save your life or somebody else's. 

If you carry a self defense weapon, don't convince yourself that it's ok to go out once a month, stand motionless in front of a paper target, and practice in a perfect stance, with everything perfect, with no motion.

You're training to stand and die.

Get your gun sighted in. Be sure it's shooting where the sights line up. But make your practice about hitting multiple targets, center mass, while moving. And from as many different positions as you can physically manage to get in. 

The last word of advice is the same as the first in the title.

Practice to move and shoot. Not to stand and die. 

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