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These handgun review articles cover handguns not listed on the left menu bar. Nothing wrong with them. There just aren't enough of any one of the brands here to make a full page of links to them.

A good handgun is one of the most versatile personal weapons on earth. The feel of harnessed power in the palm of the hand, a gun that can be concealed and used to protect your life, a gun that offers satisfaction like no other when shot accurately, is all wrapped up in a pistol or revolver.

Pistol Review Articles 

Bersa Thunder 380: Small, easy to grip, accurate, fun to shoot and durable. All for under $250.00 new. One of the best buys in the gun world as well as one of the best choices for concealed carry. Check out the Bersa

Bersa Thunder 40: Bersa has really come on in recent years with high quality handguns from .22 to .45, all with the purpose of producing personal and self defense weapons. The Bersa Thunder 40 is one of this fine line of quality, high-value pistols.

Canik TP9SF: When this Century Arms import 9mm came on the market, major manufacturers had to take notice to start dealing with their miserable triggers. Still one of the best on the market, even after S&W, Beretta, and others finally got up to speed on the trigger break and reset. 

Canik TP9 Elite SC 9mm: Another in the Canik line of pistols, designated as 'sub-compact'. But this gun actually comes in very similar in size and weight as a GLOCK 19. Hardly a sub-compact by any means. But nonetheless, another solid 9mm offering from Canik

Kimber Pro Carry II 1911 .45 ACP, with matte stainless finish is a gun that I don't own, but have been able to observe in action for about 3 and a half years. The gun belongs to my good friend Matt, and it's been present in dozens of places where I've been with a group of people to shoot for over three years. I've also shot it numerous times with both reloads and factory ammo.

Matt hasn't kept up with the rounds put through it closely, but is positive the round count is well into the thousands. I have personally seen hundreds of rounds put through it as well as my own shooting experience with it. Online handgun reviews have not been all positive with the newest versions in this line, but this one will stand up against any 1911.

Kimber SIS Ultra Carry 1911: In spite of some considerable controversy and criticism of the company, Kimber turned out an excellent concealed carry 1911 in the SIS Ultra Carry 1911.

Para Expert Carry Compact 1911: A love-hate relationship ensued when this little gun came home with me. A dream gun to shoot, as far as getting on target and nailing it. But as far as function, at first, a bizarre failure. 

The Remington RP9 Pistol - A promising offering from the famous, but recently troubled manufacturer. Updated video report 7/2018

Sig Sauer P220 is a good gun. Good, not great. And not better than the multitude of other popular tactical handguns on the market today. The Sig Sauer performs well, but falls well short of it's mythical status and it's over inflated price tag.

Sig Sauer P229: This model comes with plenty of models, designs, and colors to accommodate the stylish shooter. Seriously, it's a good gun, like most Sigs. Designed and known as a concealed carry pistol. 

Smith And Wesson 3913 Review: This article by Mark from Ohio is informative about a gun you don't hear much about, but still has a significant fan base.

Springfield XD handgun reviews: While gun mag reviewers seem to drool and fawn over the Springfield XD, the two I have owned fall far short of what the intent of the gun is. Trying to be a good copy of a GLOCK is a tall order that the Springfield XD hasn't filled so far. After the updates to the XD handgun reviews it still didn't stack up to anything else I would own and depend on.

The Stoeger Cougar .40 S&W. Why wouldn't you want one? With the legendary Beretta construction, rotating barrel, reduced muzzle flip, dependability and accuracy. An excellent firearm at a price that makes it second to none in value. 

Walther P22: This little .22 semi auto pistol appeared to be a little pricey at first. I bought it because of the small grip for my daughter and wife to shoot. It has turned out to be a gun that I would highly recommend as a great value, a great shooter and one of the most dependable .22 pistols I have ever used or owned. This is a gun that through several years and some updates to this site has earned a prominent place in the handgun reviews.

Walther PPQ Q5 Match Pistol: For those of us used to diligently shooting and training with handguns made specifically for self defense, and concealed carry, the Walther Q5 is a rare treat. With an out of the box trigger second to none, the big optics-ready 9mm competition pistol lets you know real quick, what it, and your potential with it, really is. 

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