Gun Insights And Issues

From a Christian Perspective

This will be a page to link to principle based web page articles that I put on the site to keep them from becoming lost blog posts.

Moral Issues And Rights Related To Firearms

Concealed Carry Is Not Fun: Get that reality before you start carrying a gun or carry your existing gun another day. 

Why I Carry A Concealed Handgun: This cuts straight to the chase and answers the question without fluff. 

What Gun Control Does For Criminals: Gun control does nothing to make America safer. It only makes it easier for criminals to rob, rape, assault and murder.

The Armed Christian: Holding to a higher standard, regarding guns in a way our proclaimed faith obligates us to. 

Importance of Protecting Our RightsOur inherent rights to keep and bear arms are constantly under attack. Here's why it's important to keep them at all cost.

Is Concealed Carry Ok for Christians?The notion that Christians should have nothing to do with guns, then call the police to shoot somebody for them is ludicrous. Self and family defense from random criminal assault is our responsibility. 

Guns And Pitbulls - Liberal America's Treatment Of Both: My favorite hobby and favorite pet are both under assault to do away with them. The attitude is if somebody does something wrong with anything take it away from everybody. 

Gun Selection And Use Challenges

Weapons of Critical Self Defense: Having them ready and willing to use them, is a proven life saver.

Defensive Handgun Shooting For Our Family Members: When our spouses, sons, daughters show interest in learning to responsibly protect themselves with a firearm, we should be ready to go into action helping them prepare.

All Gun Reviews Are Anecdotes: No matter how experienced a gun handler/writer is, a review of one gun by one person is just an anecdote that may or may not be dependable. How to use gun reports to dependably pick the best firearms. 

Women Overcoming Handgun Recoil: The effects of handgun recoil are almost entirely mental and emotional. The only exception to that are in cases where there is disease or other definable physical challenges in the arms, hands or shoulders. Otherwise any size woman can handle virtually any size handgun.

The Unhealthy Obsession With Pocket Guns: Tiny guns that can be held with two fingers, particularly the new line of .380s have become one of the worst distribution of mistakes in the handgun world. 

Money Challenges When Buying Guns: Wrong thinking about the finances to purchase a handgun.

What Christians With Guns Should Or Shouldn't Be: A clear examination of what our behavior must be as Christians with guns. Our behavior when discussing or especially carrying a firearm will largely determine how the rest of society views us as a group.

Guns For Girls: It's amazing how many men write to me asking what kind of gun, or telling me what kind of gun they should get for their girlfriend, wife, sister, mother ..... whoever; all without ever consulting the woman or girl. I also have women ask me to (impossibly) recommend a gun for them without knowing them. This article sheds some light on these dilemmas.

Which Gun Should I Buy?: The eternal question today by people who cannot decide what to prioritize or what to buy in the monstrous maze of available handguns today and among the monstrous maze of goofy, non essential information they think they must have before purchasing a gun for self defense.

Gun Buyer Time Wasters: The most common worries that unnecessarily keep people from buying the gun and holster they need for protection. Learn what to look for, what to be concerned about, and what to ignore.

How To Not Be Stupid About Defective Guns. Learn to report without going off the edge. Keep a level head when testing a gun you wanted badly and doesn't work right. It doesn't mean that every gun the company makes is trash.

Law And Politics

Having Your Weapons Of Critical Self Defense: For the firearms you need to protect yourself and your family to work for you, you'll have to stop thinking about them and actually get them. Get them, practice with them, keep them ready. 

Most Oppressive Gun Laws In America: These states have the worst of the worst, not only in gun laws but in governmental process.