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Women Can Overcome Handgun Recoil

It's time for women to apply the strength and ability they have to gun ownership, concealed carry and self defense. A woman can handle, shoot and carry virtually any consumer available, tactical handgun a man can.

The video below proves you (a woman) can tame the recoil in any handgun.

In considering a handgun purchase, fear of recoil should be a thing of the past for women.

The video is 13 minutes long. Watching it will give you a comprehensive view of handgun sizes and calibers, relative to the recoil of each.

All in the hands of an 18 year old girl.

All cartridges were maximum caliber loads typical of ammunition used in these guns.

If you're a woman and you watch(ed) the video, it should give you perspective, confidence and peace of mind about handgun recoil.

If you're a man the video above should stop you from any further hand wringing and obsession over "recoil" in a gun for the women in your life. It should give you confidence and simplify your task if you're helping them find a gun.

Simplify your gun ownership decisions

Women - For self defense: Find the gun that feels right. Be sure you can get a full grip on it. Get a strong caliber from .9mm to .45 ACP. Learn to shoot it. Find a way to carry it if legal. That's it.

Notice I didn't say get something with less recoil.

And notice I didn't say get something little "so you can carry it".

I know you have the ability to handle and shoot any of them, large or small. And you have the same ability as any man to make adjustments and carry any size and caliber handgun you decide on.

We all make adjustments to carry guns for self defense. Don't adjust your gun for how you dress, work, play, exercise, etc. That's why so many people, men and women think they can only carry a gun you can get 2 fingers around.

Adjust how you live to carry your gun.

But in all the other sometimes confusing considerations, it's time you take recoil out of the mix and treat it like what it is: Nothing.

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