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Money Challenges When Buying A Concealed Carry Gun

At this writing, it's "Black Friday" which makes it kind of an appropriate time to be placing this article below. The article is principle based, so it won't matter how long it's up before you read 

This type article on the CGO site is kind of a different tier to the site, giving people some guidance for what troubles them about guns and gun issues.

In this case, the article is specifically based on the multitude of notes I get from people inquiring about different guns. They tend to describe what they are looking for in significant detail. Then they tell me the limit they can spend on it which about 90% of the time is only about enough to buy the frame with no slide.

In other words, they lock in to an amount that is grossly under what they'll be able to purchase what they're looking for.

Living here in Western Arkansas, we live 3.5 hours south of the money pit that is Branson, Missouri. People will, on a whim, take off to Branson for 36 hours and spend $1000 on shows, food, and trinkets.

But if I tell any of those folks that are looking for a gun they will need about a hundred dollars more for the gun they're inquiring about, you would think I had slapped them. They hyperventilate, acting like there's no possible way.

That's just before the next Branson run.

The point here is the distorted way so many people think when it comes to buying a firearm. I've already mentioned the other types of unnecessary concerns that are infamous time wasters for gun shoppers.

Money is the next great hurdle for many people. I know how people think and what they'll spend on impulsive entertainment. I know lots of people could spend more than the paltry sum that they swear they can't break from.

So here is the next piece of advice when looking for a gun. Nobody has to spend $1000 to get a good tactical handgun. But for a good, compact, serious self defense handgun, you will need to allot yourself enough money to purchase what will actually work for you.

What that means is, cut back on something else. Save an amount that will allow you to purchase intelligently without allowing the lack of 50 extra dollars to leave you stuck with a second rate firearm. Get what you need for your physical abilities, size, the way you dress, etc. without being hampered by a few dollars.

A firearm is a deadly weapon. It is a weapon that you will shoot, carry, and defend yourself with.

When going out to purchase that gun, don't put it at the bottom of your expense priorities list. Put it at the top as far as the importance of spending "enough" to get the gun that will work and will fit you.

I'm for people doing research, getting good prices, and not being foolish. But drawing a line that forces the purchase of an inferior or damaged firearm pushes foolishness to the limits.

Save on something else. Free up the finances needed to get the deadly weapon that you will be responsible for.

Spend enough to get the right gun.

Good shooting.

~Mark Rogers

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