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Gun Buyer Time Wasters

(To Guard Against)

Gun decision delays that waste time

I get a lot of notes written to the Christian Gun Owner web site asking me to recommend the best concealed carry handgun for somebody who has never owned one before. This is typically after telling me how much they enjoy the site and especially the gun reviews.

What they just unintentionally said when they do that is, "I read all your reviews, but I'm in an endless quest for research and can't bring myself to make a decision."

Many of these same people tell me how they've shot this gun and that, and had one gun "expert" after another, along with their brother in law, cousin, gun store employee, and police officer tell them which gun is superior to all others.

They are trapped in the endless quest of personalities that can't decide and have too many choices to simply decide and get on with it. They are putting off what they proclaim to be important, which is their and possibly their family's defense. And they are putting it off, not because they can't find a good gun, but because they are afraid they will buy one and miss out on a "perfect" one.

Watching the video in the size on this screen will give you the best viewing experience.

Time to break free and get your gun - easily.

If that is you, buy a GLOCK, Smith and Wesson Military and Police, Taurus 24/7, Springfield XD-M, Sig Sauer P229R. Get any of them in .9mm, or .40 Smith and Wesson. Ignore people who tell you that those are inferior rounds and to get something bigger or exotic. Either of those will serve you well in a civilian capacity. The ammo is plentiful and reasonably priced.

Getting started should not be any more complicated.

If you prefer a revolver, get a Ruger SP101 or GP100 .357 magnum (you'll be able to shoot .38 spl, 38 spl+p, or .357 magnum). The Ruger will conceal more easily. Are there other good revolvers? Sure, but if you're in and endless search cycle, why bother. None are better. Just get one.

Don't worry about every imaginable aspect of how you might use the gun for protection against Grizzly Bears. Just get one that will protect you under the widest range of circumstances, which will generally be a concealed carry gun. But you can conceal a bigger gun than most people imagine.

Get the gun and begin to find out how it works. Learn it comprehensively. Use it. Disassemble it. Put it back together. Shoot it some more until you are intimately acquainted with it.

Time wasting concealed carry holster searches

HOLSTERS?!?! Quit worrying about the holster. Get the gun. Do everything above, then look for the holster. And don't buy a gun for a holster. Buy a holster for a gun. Get the gun first, without worrying about the holster.

There are plenty of good ones out there. Virtually every manufacturer makes multiple concealed carry holsters. On web sites and forums there is the insistence that you absolutely must have the most exquisite custom made concealed holster made in the universe to adequately conceal your gun.


The right (I didn't say perfect) holster for your gun is easy to find.

There are enough good production holsters from major manufacturers to provide a carry solution for every concealed handgun carry situation that exists. Check some of them out. Try a couple if possible. Major retailers and gun shops carry good selections of holsters.

If you don't have one near you, check out Brownell's or other online retailer such as Amazon for your holster needs. You'll find one. And if you decide you're not crazy about the first one you try, go for another one.

Here's the key to putting your handgun in the right holster. It should fit you first. Make sure it will go on your belt properly. Make sure it will fit in your waistband. Make sure it fits on your ankle.

Now make sure you get this.

None of them will feel perfect the first time you try them on. My ankle holster felt like a giant growth on my ankle the first time I wore it. But now I can take a nap in it and have to make sure I don't forget I have it on.

I wore an unloaded but ready to fire GLOCK for two weeks in an inside the waistband holster before I ever tucked it in loaded, ready for use. It "felt" weird. Now it's just part of getting dressed.

Don't expect "perfect" comfort. If it fits you and fits the gun, buy it. Put it on. Put the gun in it. Cover it up. Get on with your business.

Get it done.

Quit wasting time looking at everything in the universe and get the gun and holster you know you need to defend yourself and your family.

Allowing time wasters to keep taking up all your attention can cost you dearly.

This is from somebody who carries multiple guns daily, in appropriate holsters, with confidence. And not one single item I own is something I had to "decide on" for more than a couple of days.

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