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All Gun Reviews Are Anecdotes

Since 2007, I've spent a lot of time doing gun reviews. I've spent a lot of time answering questions about those reviews to people who have contacted me.

Each one of those reviews and the answers to those questions have had the effect of quite a few people purchasing or at least trying those guns. I appreciate that trust, but sometimes I cringe a little knowing that regardless of how thoroughly I put one gun through its paces, it's just that.

One gun. And one guy testing it. And one guy making a recommendation through the review.


An Inescapable Truth About Reporting On Guns

What that means is that all of my gun reviews are anecdotes. Just how well one gun worked for one person. And what one person thought about that gun based on its performance.

That makes every review an anecdote.

But that's the case for every other gun review done on single guns by individuals.


Here's something I don't think I've ever said or written explicitly: I have never purchased any of the guns you see reviewed because of the recommendation of any one person. That means any one person no matter how experienced or trusted they are.

No Wizard Of Oz Among Gun Handlers/Writers

Because no matter how experienced a gun handler is, they can only give one view on one gun. That one gun may be an exception to others in its brand and model. It may be an exception positively or negatively.

And one review, no matter who does it does not mean that the next one of that same brand or model will be the same, better or worse.

How I Decide To Buy Any Firearm

Oh, I consult with reviews of trusted individuals on a regular basis. But never just one. Multiple reviews by expert, trusted gun handlers. Added to that I consult lesser known websites, magazine articles, and when possible personally known owners.

Then I buy.

That's why not all, but most reviews on the Christian Gun Owner website are largely positive. Because before I ever purchased, I did all of the above in the way of consultation. You see, I don't look for bad guns to buy so I can give negative reviews.

I look for good guns I can keep, shoot, carry and finally write a positive review about. To this point, firearms manufacturers have not seen fit to start sending me test models to report on.

I have to buy them with my money.

And it's stupid to buy bad guns on purpose. 

Why The CGO Reviews Remain A Trusted Source

All of this has worked out fine because by the time I get a gun, it's been pretty thoroughly tested by quite a few other people. So for the reasons above, when I give a positive review it's normally on a gun model that has already developed a pretty solid reputation.

Well, I think I just admitted to everybody who reads this that I don't have any supernatural means of choosing firearms. But that's the reason when people buy based on the reviews, they get a dependable choice.

Because it's not just based on my experience, but also on the experience of people who have already tested them before me.

The reviews move from anecdotal reporting to a reported conclusion based on my experience + multiple tests by other former reviewers.

The Clear Path To Successfully Choosing Firearms

  • >Never buy a recently manufactured "new" model of any firearm. Almost all have bugs.

    >Wait until later production runs when you can get solid reviews from multiple sources.

  • >Learn about a gun's platform. Sriker fired, polymer, steel, hammer fired, DA/SA, single action, etc. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each and what will best suit your needs.

  • >When you decide on a platform, use multiple trusted sources to decide what to buy and when to buy it.

  • >When you examine a gun that has "mixed" reviews, separate what may be a result of author preferences from plain, clear manufacturing defects.

  • >If, after all that, the gun you're considering is not a clear choice, don't fall in love with it because it looks good. Move to another choice with clear quality reviews.

Do all that and you have the best chance of choosing very good, dependable firearms the large majority of the time.

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