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How To Conceal Carry Effectively:
Guns, Gear, Methods

The Guide that defines comprehensive Concealed Carry. 
Simple, precise, effective, safe concealed carry methods that won't break the bank.

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First Time Concealed Carry

concealed handgun picture

There are no pictures in the actual article. Just important information on where to start when you first consider carrying a concealed handgun. Read more .....

The Right Attitude For Concealed Carry

Holster inserting

Nobody carrying a concealed handgun should be excited about it. It's a matter of carrying a deadly weapon.  Read more ....

How To Remain New To Concealed Carry For The Rest Of Your Life

A lot of people are like the picture because they have to change a few things to effectively conceal their deadly weapon.

Read more......

Conceal Any Size Handgun

From J-Frame revolvers to full size duty pistols. All can be carried concealed with some adjustments to clothing, and some practice. Read more .....

Safely Carrying A GLOCK Pistol

Since GLOCKs came on the scene decades ago, their general, and specifically carry safety has been debated. Here's my experience. Read more .....

Carrying A J-Frame Revolver

While I've been critical of inexperienced shooters making these their primary carry gun, their useful place in concealed carry for self defense is timeless. Read more ...

Carrying A 1911 Pistol

While everybody loves to shoot 1911 pistols, not everybody loves to carry them. The benefits and drawbacks. Read more ....

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