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What Christians With Guns Should .... or Shouldn't Be

The Christian Gun Owner web site was started as a quest to find a unique online "niche" that I was interested in enough to be able to write about consistently. Being a Christian and a gun owner/shooter, I coined "Christian Gun Owner" as my web site.

Boy did I ever proceed into something without having a clue what it would end up being and doing. The success of the web site and the people it has allowed me to communicate with, meet, and even successfully invite to come join our church, has been far beyond what I imagined when I started it.

But in building it, and with the interaction of people that communicate with me, I have found out quite a bit about some mindsets that are troubling to me as a Christian who is also a gun owner. Living in a free country, we all should be able to express ourselves appropriately though competitively to preserve our second amendment rights.

But in doing it, we should also keep in mind, that first, we're Christians.

Guns Don't Make Or Break Christians

Here's a thought that every one of us should keep front and center in our brains when considering how to pursue our gun rights and in convincing others about our reasons and motives for carrying guns.

Guns do not make any of us a better or worse Christian for carrying or not carrying them.

A person can have an arsenal, love to shoot, be a hunter, carry a gun for self defense and be a great Christian. And a person can hate guns, not own any, believe they are evil, and be a great Christian.

Either of those people can be something else. Guns or lack of them don't make or break saints. How they're regarded and used can be an indicator as to a person's relationship with God ... or lack of it.

But the simple act of ownership and legitimate use does not determine the quality of a person's Christian walk.

We would do well to heed James 3:5-8.

That's why it's important for us to be careful in our speech.

I get quite a few notes from guys making some pretty aggressive claims about what they'll do to anybody who threatens them or theirs. Now it's not what we may or may not do with a gun for self defense that matters here.

It's the "I'll put em 6 feet under" type bragging that doesn't fit what a Christian with a gun should be.

A Christian who carries a gun should carry it for a last resort effort to defend themselves or their family/friends from violent criminal assault. But talking like a tv soldier about the death of anybody who messes with them should not be part of any Christian's speech.

Christians should not take joy in anybody's death, no matter how vile.

Expression of what is right not to be confused with murderous threats.

We may express our resolve about our rights and need to be armed for our safety in America. And we may end up expressing it in pretty creative verbiage, being critical of those who reject sensible thought and statistical truth.

Approving of the injuring or killing of a mass shooter is simply an understanding of what it takes to stop the body count of innocent victims.

But personally bragging or showing some desire about hurting someone who shows intent to hurt us should not be part of our expression. It should not be part of our expression as gun owners, and far more importantly, as Christians.

Bottom line: Responsible gun ownership and possession for self defense to prevent criminal assault is right and an expression of good sense. Being armed to shoot back and stop murderous killers is our responsibility.

Bragging about our potential violence toward criminals or taking joy in their death is not.

It's as simple as thoughtful separation of our rights to self defense from our compulsion to blurt out threats that may come back to bite us.

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