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Consulting For Your Armed Church Security Plan

Mark Rogers' Handguns/Firearms And Concealed Carry Resume'

From a church perspective, few people have more direct experience at dealing with Christian, church going gun owners.

  • 36 years a Christian
  • 36 years in a church that has grown from 500 members to approximately 3500
  • 36 years observing security changes, upgrades and additions as the church grew.
  • 9 years on the church pastoral staff, acquainted with both hired police officers and volunteer security staff.
  • 16 years consistently working with and shooting with experienced shooters, present and former military and law enforcement personnel, and various weapons experts
  • 15 Years carrying concealed handguns. Over 30 guns carried concealed in various conditions.
  • 4.5 Years leading the church recreational shooting group, Right On Target
  • 13 Years training for and performing range safety officer duties
  • 11 years owning and writing the Christian Gun Owner website
  • 15 Years of answering handguns/concealed carry questions from people in all 50 U.S. states.
  • 14 Years teaching local people to carry concealed weapons
  • 15 Years developing an understanding of a wide variety of attitudes about firearms in churches
  • 9 Years studying local church security from both an armed and unarmed perspective

Civilian Handgun Expertise

I have become expert in seven types of handguns resulting in eventual expertise with over 60 specific handgun models. That expertise includes handling, firing, disassembling/reassembly, training ages 6 - 75 in safe handgun operation and firing.

Possibly most important for this article is expertise in a broad range of concealed carry methods for both men and women.

That has all been as a Christian, much of the time dealing with Christians in a large Western Arkansas church. Time spent in that church has also developed an understanding of armed security and its advantage for the safety of any congregation.

Shooting Group Leader And Range Safety Officer

I led a shooting group for four and a half years that was part of the Small Group ministry of that church. I served as the Group Leader and part time as the Range Safety Officer. We operated for that 4.5 years with no injuries, no accidents or negative impressions of the church.

People from every background imaginable and of all ages shot with us with many of them learning to shoot.

Church-Specific Laws Bring Opportunity, Confusion And Serious Concerns

I have consulted with multiple local pastors and other church leaders concerning church security under church-specific concealed carry laws in Arkansas. Those laws allow individual churches to decide whether, who and when handguns can be carried in or around their facilities.

To add to the confusing mix, state laws have also been modified to allow specifically permitting individual ccw license holders to carry in and around Christian schools owned and operated by churches. 

Many churches without the budget for a sufficient professional armed security staff are moving toward taking advantage of those laws. Their dilemma is figuring out how to implement non law enforcement armed security and still keep the integrity and impression of their churches.

That's where I come in.

I know how to approach, communicate with, and provide valuable perspective for pastors and church leaders. That perspective extends as well to prospective and existing church security teams that are or will be armed.

My understanding is not just of guns, concealed carry and security, but in keeping teams focused on the house of God.

Security teams must understand their access to firearms is not a first, but last resort. Their focus must be that of keeping the integrity of ministry while protecting people in their place of worship.

I can help you put all this together and show you how to manage it.

My goal is to help you build the best spiritually focused security team possible.

UPDATE: As of 2017, I no longer provide this as a personal, on site service for any church or church leaders.

This guide covers the considerations that pastors and church leaders will need to understand and take action on. It deals with all church congregation and team issues. It will clarify the answers about how to assemble a team that is allowed to carry handguns in the church facilities.

It does not cover tactical training or legal issues that vary from state to state when implementing official security in any organization. 

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