What Is The Best Concealed Handgun For Your Church Security Team?

So your budget doesn't cover adequate professional security for your church. But your state generally allows concealed carry in churches or allows churches to individually permit people to carry under specific conditions.

Here in Western Arkansas, churches are still listed in state weapon laws as being places prohibited from concealed carry. That said, state law now permits churches to decide who can carry concealed weapons and under what conditions.

That means churches are now in a position to develop church armed security teams. There are very definite pros and cons to that ability now.

Any church may decide people can carry concealed on their property with the proper license. That said, any violation of gun law will be placed squarely on the back of the person carrying; not the church.

One of the considerations church leaders have to deal with is what kind of gun is best to use for concealed carry for church security?

Do you leave that up to every individual in the security team? Or do you instruct them all on the gun to use? What if some of them protest and they're right in their assessment? What if they're not?

Striker Fired?

So, is a striker fired handgun such as a GLOCK, Springfield XD, or Taurus 24/7 the best? Simple, basic, dependable. But you know they don't have decockers or real safeties.

Hammer Fired DA/SA With Decockers?

What about a semi auto hammer fired guns with decockers? This is a gun that is cocked ready to fire in single action mode. Then it is "decocked" now ready to fire with a long, hard first trigger pull. After the first shot it goes into single action mode and is easily fired.

But that first shot is hard to shoot accurately. What about that?

Cocked And Locked Hammer Fired?

How about single action only guns like 1911s. Rack the slide, ready to fire. Flip up the side mounted safety. Put it in a holster ..... with the hammer fully back ready to fire. Is that safe?

Small Or Large Guns?

What about gun size? Aren't pocket pistols the easiest to carry? Yes? But aren't they also the hardest to handle, work, control and shoot accurately past about 15 feet? Yes?

What kind of holster should they use? Well, that would have to be decided with gun type and size ..... wouldn't it?

Do you have answers?

I can provide them for you, your church leadership team and any potential armed volunteer security team members.

I have a page listing what I have evaluated as the 5 Best CCW Handguns. While choices are personal to each user, the larger, compact to full size guns are the best choice for any security team.