Which Volunteers Are Right For Your Armed Security Team?

You no doubt know some people you consider responsible to work on your armed security team. Is "responsible" enough?

So, you've got a list of names of people you know would be responsible and faithful to a church security team. They are all people who can balance carry of firearms for security with reverence for the house of God.

Q. Do you know their competence with their handguns? Do they carry carefully and are they familiar with all aspects of safely handling their firearm? 
A. Rather inexperienced shooters can get a ccw license. Competently handling and working their firearm is a critical consideration.

Q. Can they shoot? Do you know of their competence on the range? Can they hit an 8x11 piece of paper from 25 feet? Can they hit it reasonably while moving? Can they aim and hit a 5" target from 30 feet? 
A. If they are being considered for a church armed security team, for obvious reasons it should be established that they are reasonably competent shooters.

Q. Will they be able to point and shoot in the gravest extreme?
A. Only proven if someone has been in a crowded panic situation with a shooter. Almost nobody can answer this decisively. But it has to be discussed.

Q. What kind of gun do they carry? Do they carry duty sized pistols or very small self defense "pocket pistols"? Does that make a difference on an armed security team?
A. If they only carry a pocket pistol and seldom or never handle a compact or full size handgun, they will not be capable of accurately shooting in the gravest extreme. They would not likely be able to shoot accurately at a shooter without hitting others nearby.

Q. What method of concealed carry do they use?
A. There's a big difference between carrying a small revolver in an ankle holster, a "mouse" gun in a shirt pocket, and what would be reasonably required for church security.

These and numerous other considerations should be discussed. If there is a verifiably competent shooter and gun handler who can work with a potential team that would be an advantage.

With this guide I can give you and your church protection volunteers every consideration reasonable for the development of your armed church security team.

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