What Are Armed Church Member Security Personnel?

It's pretty clear that considering armed church security prompts more questions than it gives answers.

When a person goes from unarmed church member or unknowingly armed, to known armed security personnel, what does that mean?

How will each person respond to any type threat to security compared to how they might have previously responded?

Will each armed security volunteer think and respond exactly the same? Will they react to a threat with the notion of their firearm as a first or last resort?

How will armed security church members regard other members of the church? Will their attitude remain positive, friendly and relaxed? Will they become distant, darker in personality and standoffish to other church members?

Will each member of an armed security team see each potential problem as an opportunity for help and ministry first? Will they see any potential problem as an opportunity to exert their authority as a church security official?

Can each person chosen for volunteer armed security calmly offer assistance first before assuming a threat?

Can each person chosen for volunteer armed security remember that each service is a time of worship of and study about God, not an opportunity for security adventures?

Can the people chosen for volunteer armed security quickly and coherently transition from a peaceful environment to a life threatening one?

If these and other questions are not yet considered and answered, I can help you.

The Single Most Important Factor In Volunteer Church Security Work

Church members chosen for armed security must be able to be church members first, security second. In spite of that, they must be able to respond instantly to a life threatening situation from a firearm or other weapon.

They must be able to transition instantly in the case of the unthinkable. Everything they think about coming on their security ministry must emphasize normal church life while being ready for life threats.

They will be the tools used to keep the congregation in the house of God safe from life threatening insane and other criminals.

There is no room for arrogance in their position or hesitation to act in a grave emergency.

With this guide I can help you prepare them for their ministry of security service to the congregation in your church.