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The Decision To Become A New Gun Owner

Gun ownership confusion

Answers to the basic questions of what to do first for new gun owners. Read more

Which Gun Should I Buy?

Which gun to choose picture

For people considering, or just decisively entering the world of gun ownership, this is THE question. Read more.

The Correct Way(s) To Grip A Handgun

I made the title here plural because there are quite a few workable variants in gripping a handgun. These are the basics to get started and a video to demonstrate improvements.Read more.

The Handgun Shooting Stance

Shooting stances for rapid fire or slow precision shooting. Read more.

Correct Handgun Sight Alignment

Basic sighting with your handguns is not complicated, but takes time to master in practice. Read more.

Do you want to form a Shooting Group or club, that will pull together friends, family, and associates? A Group you can lead individually, or with the backing of a church or business?

With experienced shooters in the leadership positions of this type group, it can serve as a strong supplemental asset to your armed Church Security Team

No better opportunity than a group formed through a church to allow its members to shoot both recreationally, and for practice in their role as protectors. 

Here's How To Do It
And Present It

Finally, a personal service to help you solve your handgun challenges.
The CGO Pistol Training Website