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First Time Handgun Owner Or Buyer

I want to welcome all new gun owners and gun shoppers looking for their first handgun or first concealed carry gun. I get more inquiries through the web site about this than any other single subject.

The biggest problem people have is the confusing lack of simplicity online concerning gun ownership and concealed carry. And while it is necessary to research and do some looking at and handling of guns, it is not as complicated as it has been made by the overload of unnecessary information online.

I have a clip in the video that shows what it takes to carry a handgun (or three) concealed in normal clothing.

Your Page Leading To Gun Resources

I've put this page here, not as new content, but as a CGO site "Hub" to allow you to link directly, from one spot to the pages on the site that apply specifically to people just learning about handgun ownership and concealed carry.

Don't let anybody talk you into something exotic or in a "niche" that has not gained a significant customer base. These calibers are all you need to concentrate on in the initial stages of learning about handguns and concealed carry: .9mm, .40 Smith and Wesson, .45 ACP, .357 magnum, and some variety of .38 special.

Get a gun in one of those calibers that is suitable for how you can carry with your daily dress and local law requirements.

Following are pages on the CGO site that will help you as you search for a gun, or as you are learning to use the one you have already purchased.

Please feel free to contact me to let me know how you're doing with your gun search or in learning to use your new firearm.

Concealed Carry For Almost Everybody: My Guide dedicated to enabling you to select the best handgun and carry holster with no guesswork. 

Basic Shooting as a New Gun Owner: I've had this page on the site for several years. This is the place to start to figure out how, where, and under what conditions to shoot. This will be helpful for any state you live in.

Revolver or Pistol? Which is best for you? Don't let somebody tell you one or the other is best. The choice is based on what you can handle, shoot, carry and remain safe with. Check out these considerations if you are trying to decide.

Correct Handgun Grip: So before you can do much else, you have to get a good grip on the gun. A couple of time tested grip styles that will serve any handgun shooter well.

Correct Handgun Stance: Getting a good stance is critical in a steady aim and shot. These stances will give you a solid platform to shoot from.

Correct Handgun Sight Alignment: It's not as simple as just looking down the barrel. Different types of sights require different alignment. Then holding steady and focus is critical. Check out these basics for dependable target acquisition.

Hopefully, everything on this page will serve to help you focus and simplify your selection and use of your handgun and accessories.

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