USCCA Membership Review 

United States Concealed Carry Association 2020

By Mark Rogers
Current as of 08/2020

This USCCA Membership card is your peace of mind if you carry a handgun, keep a handgun in your vehicle, or keep a rifle, shotgun or handgun in your home for self defense.

The USCCA SHIELD firearms self defense legal protection remains the Number 1 System of both criminal and civil legal protection available in the United States. 

No other system is as comprehensive, providing funding, and being your advocate from the start to the finish of your legal defense. 

USCCA SHIELD Provides 'Any Weapons' Legal Protection

In an act of self defense

The coverage by the SHIELD system is no longer limited to just firearms. Now the USCCA covers members who use any legal weapon for self defense. Guns, knives, batons, pepper spray, or and leagal weapon of convenience.

The conditions are the same as for firearms. 

See this video to get full perspective on the value of the USCCA SHIELD protection.

Levels Of USCCA Membership

USCCA Membership Benefits In 2020

  • The United States Concealed Carry Association is a top, informative organization with excellent, expert writers and trainers.
  • The Self Defense SHIELD is a legitimate, comprehensive, self defense shooting protection insurance and member benefit that takes its members from start to finish in self defense cases. 
  • The SHIELD includes legal protection if your firearm is reported stolen and used in a crime.
  • The benefits of the SHIELD are for all 50 states. It is not a law firm limited to state licensed practice. That means if you travel, no matter the state you're in, you're protected.
  • USCCA Training: Rivaling the best and best known in the country. Certification in numerous training disciplines available in classes taught both online and on location around the country.
  • Concealed Carry Magazine: Rivals any firearms publication for excellent information, reporting, training, etc. 
  • Hundreds of Online Articles: Available in their archives.
  • The USCCA Facebook Page: Valuable, informative and fun.

The organization has achieved a reputation that allows it to offer excellent periodic resources with special member price values.The membership is now an excellent value at any level.

Last but not least, the USCCA is promoting and defending gun rights for law abiding citizens across the U.S.

There is no other organization offering the combination of legal protection and combined benefits of the USCCA.  

No law firm self defense legal system has the resources, or provides the level of self defense protection of the United States Concealed Carry Association.

In my estimation there is no reason not to join the USCCA.

Don't wait another day to get started.