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Readiness For Mass Shooters - Just From Me To You

My hope here is that just for a few moments we can all focus on one issue, one nearly unthinkable possibility, one horror - and how to avoid what others have lost their lives to.

Your Politics Are Not An Issue

So, you're liberal or progressive in your political affiliation and philosophy. I don't want you to die needlessly at the hands of a mindlessly evil gunman.

Your Faith Is Not Violated

So, you're a Christian, believing God will protect you and that it's important to love your neighbor. It is not a rejection of faith to take measures to defend yourself and your family from random murderous criminal assault. I don't want you to die needlessly at the hands of a mindlessly evil gunman.

You Not Believing Is Not My Focus

So, you're an Atheist and started this article irritated because it's by a Christian. Try to forget that as you read. I don't want you to die needlessly at the hands of a mindlessly evil gunman.

Our Differences About Guns Can Step Aside

Against guns altogether? Hate them for all reasons? I don't want you to die needlessly at the hands of a mindlessly evil gunman.

So Waiting Doesn't Turn Deadly

"Thinking about" getting a gun for self defense? What if you found yourself in the sights of a mass shooter while "thinking about it"? I don't want you to die needlessly at the hands of a mindlessly evil gunman.

If the shooting starts I'm for every one of you.

Religious, non-religious, whatever religion, whatever political affiliation or philosophy, whatever race, even if you hate guns; if we were in a crowd where a gunman opened fire, I would pull my gun and tell you to get behind me.

I wouldn't care or inquire about who or what you are. Along with me, my family, my friends, I wouldn't want you to die.

I'd do whatever possible to get you and yours out alive.

But that would all be contingent on me having my gun. In other words, not being in a gun-free zone. Not being in a state where gun carry is illegal. Being in a concealed carry state, but not being in a business that does not prohibit concealed carry.

When a mass shooting starts, there are a lot of contingencies about the legality of carry. That's why so many people - men, women, and children die.

The guy carrying the gun or guns is the only one that has them.

In a mass shooting, suddenly we are not each others' political, religious, social enemy.

So please read this with a clear mind, momentarily putting aside all we don't agree on religiously, politically, or philosophically.

Take up whatever position you want, but keep in mind if we are all disarmed, the scenario above leaves us all dead. Maybe our spouses, our kids.

If we continue to make the enemy each other, people continue to die.

Because people just like all of us are in every crowd. Crowds that die at the hand of maniacal shooters.

The enemy is the killer. Period. He is the one who will indiscriminately shoot you, your family, me, my family, our friends, bystanders we don't know.

Statistically, by the time the police arrive you and your family will already be wounded or dead.

We can talk and argue about all the solutions to this except when we are in the crowd being gunned down. At that point everybody just wants to find a way to live.

If the gun was loaded and the barrel pointed at you and yours...

What would you be willing to put aside philosophically if the gunman's barrel was pointed at the head of your spouse, kids, mother, dad ..... you? At that point, would you accept a gun?

Would you raise a gun and shoot if you had one, to save yourself and your family?

Please don't let all the political strife, anger, arguments, stand in the way of a clear answer here.

Law abiding Americans have a constitutional and inherent right to defend themselves against the kind of violence we continue to see in the news. The kind of violence that leaves a multitude dead.

With no way to fight back, except to cringe in fear waiting to be shot.

That means all liberals, conservatives, Christians, non-Christians, men, women, Republican, Democrat, Atheist, Black, White, Asian, Latino, any others.

We, meaning all of us together, not just one political position; have the right to stop the madman that is about to kill us and our family.

But that will never happen without our ability to shoot back.

Guns are available. It doesn't take the notion of "more guns" to defend ourselves. What we all need is already in and with large retailers, gun shops, pawn shops, gun shows, private sellers.

The criminals that threaten all of our lives have them. If we are not ready, we hand them our, and our families' lives to snuff out.

Americans of any persuasion, arm yourselves.

You don't have to change your position on the general use of firearms, the benefits or curses of them in general. You just have to have one to be armed.

Armed with just basic training and practice, no matter your perception of what they are like, you'll find yourself able to use one like anything else you practice with.

You don't have to love a gun or turn it into your hobby. It's just to be ready.

So in the event the unthinkable happens with you and yours present, you and your family have a chance to avoid dying needlessly at the hands of a mindlessly evil gunman.

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