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Starting And Operating A
 Shooting Club Or Group

A guide that will help anyone get a shooting group or club started and running right

I knew it had to answer, in some detail, some significant questions, and give general guidance to someone starting from scratch.

This is a 17 Page Guide that provides the correct, focused information and insight to get up and running the right way.

Getting a shooting group up and running means doing it legally, properly, and safely.

Everything you'll need to know to start and operate your group.

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Besides the Guide, the packet also includes:

  • Adult and Minor Release From Liability Forms: These are in .pdf document form and are guides to allow you to copy and paste needed information into designing these critical forms for your own group.
  • 1 Set Of General Range Safety Rules: The exact range rules our Group used for over 4 years to safely shoot with all ages and experience ranges. 2 Pages
  • Addendum To The Range Rules - Children On The Range: Critical rules for anyone bringing children to the range, and how to safely manage their shooting activities. 1 Page.

Getting this now will not affect the value of it if you use it later. The information will be relevant ten years from now.

Or what about somebody else, or a church that could use it now? Having this on hand will help anybody or any organization get a group up and running right.

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I hope to hear from you soon on your progress with your new group!

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