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Maverick 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun Review

I buy guns for fun. And the Maverick 12 gauge pump shotgun with 18.5 inch barrel was no exception. I believe the gun cost 169.95 new at Academy Sports. And who would think you could get any gun of value for that amount of money?

Well, consider what pump shotguns are. No pump shotgun is exactly innovative. And all operate the same.

The primary difference in very expensive guns and the ones like the Maverick is generally in the softened recoil. However, in a tactical, home defense or police shotgun with a short barrel, recoil is not much improved in much more expensive guns.

And one thing I have to admit: the Maverick is a painful gun to shoot as evidenced by my reaction below:

This was shooting 2¾ in 00 Remington Express Buckshot, and the Maverick 12 gauge gave our shoulder a beating. However, we have shot the Maverick 12 gauge with 3 inch magnum buckshot, bird shot, and everything in between.

And the one thing it does. It Shoots.

Just like a good pump shotgun should do. The only issue I have had with it is with 3” magnum buckshot which caused the action to lock up. I had to slightly loosen the magazine tube to allow for the increased pressure caused by the 3” magnum loads.

There really is not a reason that I can think of for most people to pay premium prices for a tactical pump shotgun. Not when guns like this Maverick 12 gauge (manufactured by Mossberg), and the Mossberg brand are around.

Because after hundreds of rounds through both, they continue to do what all pump shotguns do: work. Small, rural police departments in our region are snapping them up as fast as they hit the shelves.

Now, I’m not trying to get in the face of long time, elite shooters, but for most folks a fun shooter, hunter and lifelong companion in the field, or for home protection, doesn’t need to cost much when it comes to pump shotguns. The Maverick 12 gauge, while uncomfortable to shoot is great fun and for the ultimate home defense weapon…….well……..check out the vids below. Please excuse the laughing in the background.

The first one illustrates the pattern:

The second one shows what the Maverick 12 guage does to a 2 liter bottle full of ice:

Finally the frozen milk jug test:

If you don't think you can protect your household with that, I don't know what else to tell you.

Maverick 12 guage pump shotguns come in multiple sizes and models and most parts are interchangeable with Mossberg parts.

The gun holds it’s own with much more expensive guns in accuracy, dependability and durability. If you are on a limited budget and can’t afford the latest Beretta or Remington tactical shotgun, the Maverick 12 guage pump will offer you an affordable alternative.

One that should be a purchase you can live happily with for a long time.

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