USCCA Review

United States Concealed Carry Association
Current as of 7/2014

Over the years the Christian Gun Owner site has been in existence, the one element that I have been determined to keep solid and without question is "trust".

My research, experience and open identity would fortify that to anyone visiting, or to regular readers.

In my estimation, as a gun owner, there is now no reason not to join the USCCA.

The organization is at the top of the list for all types of concealed carry information and resources, including legal protection.

Content + Extras + Training + Value + Legal Protection + Price + Payments = The Best CC Organization online.

Now providing the most protection available for handgun owners.

Clearly the winner across all features offered

They have truly listened to the public and are providing value that puts them solidly in the "Win" column.

Handgun self defense insurance has been a big subject online with questions (and confusion) about "which is best" being rampant.

That couldn't be determined for a while as companies struggled to adjust to what gun owners wanted.

There's no longer any confusion.

NOW: Here's why the SHIELD is the clear choice for protection against criminal or civil litigation in a self defense shooting.

Added to what's always been available: The necessities that people have asked for:

  • Immediate Criminal Defense Attorney Retainer: From $5000 to $10,000 according to membership level.
  • Immediate Bail Bond Funding: From $2500 to $10,000 according to membership level.
  • Daily Compensation while you're in court: From $250 - $500 per day according to membership level. 

These are Benefits, not delayed possibilities for review by some committee.

That means if you are arrested after a self defense shooting, these benefits are yours as part of your Membership to the USCCA.

Other Emergency Resources In The Event of a Self Defense Shooting:

  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline
  • Local Attorney Referral
  • Connection to a network of pro-2nd Amendment attorneys in all 50 states

The United States Concealed Carry Association is not the insurance though. It's an organization promoting gun rights and concealed carry across the U.S.

The hundreds of online articles, excellent magazine, extras offered, training, high quality items for purchase and even the Facebook page are all top quality and valuable for anybody's CCW arsenal of knowledge.

Value and Pricing

Now, monthly payments are available for anybody's budget.

This package now brings the USCCA membership pricing well within the category of being an excellent value well worth the price.

That means well worth the price for any level membership.

Here's my upgraded 2013-14 yearly USCCA membership. Now a Gold member. Paid by SmartPay (monthly).

Determining The Best Membership Level:

You can determine what level membership you need by a basic understanding of local court and attorney costs. Good attorneys in my area are not as costly as in larger heavily populated cities.

Choose your membership level based on the amount of legal financial security needed for your area or your living/travel situation.

The full value of the USCCA:

  • The United States Concealed Carry Association is a top, informative organization with excellent, expert writers.
  • It provides archives of valuable and seemingly endless articles.
  • It puts out a top of the line magazine rivaling any gun magazine.
  • The Self Defense SHIELD is a legitimate, comprehensive, self defense shooting protection insurance and member benefit that takes its members from start to finish in self defense cases. 
  • The SHIELD includes legal protection if your firearm is reported stolen and used in a crime.
  • The benefits of the SHIELD are for all 50 states. It is not a law firm limited to state licensed practice. That means if you travel, no matter the state you're in, you're protected.
  • The USCCA Facebook page is valuable, informative and fun.
  • The organization has achieved a reputation that allows it to offer excellent periodic resources with special member price values.
  • The membership is now an excellent value at any level.
  • Last but not least, this organization is promoting and defending gun rights for law abiding citizens across the U.S.

Valuable Offers From The USCCA:

The USCCA Membership. Click here for membership details and levels.

USCCA Magazine Subscription Only - Click for subscription optons

Click for details of The Bulletproof Mind by Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman

Tired of endless searching, sales pitches, confusion, and needless expense? Concealed Carry just got simpler. Your Concealed Carry Evaluation will focus your attention on exactly the guns and gear that will work for you personally.