The Proper Mindset For Armed Church Security Volunteers

Thoughts about concealed carry are about as diverse as people who carry them. So, what are the thought processes of somebody who would be well advised to carry a concealed weapon for your church security.

Thoughts about guns in church and/or concealed carry for armed church security.

What do you think about carrying of concealed weapons for church security?

1. "It's my right to keep and bear arms. Nobody should be able to tell me when or where I can carry a gun. The second amendment to the constitution guarantees me that right."

2. "I don't know about that. I don't fool with guns and don't know much about them. What would you need a gun for in a church?"

3. "I hate guns. They're dangerous. I don't want to be in a church with a bunch of people carrying guns. It would be like the wild west. If anybody started shooting everybody would be shooting each other."

4. "It's against everything holy. The house of God is not a place for firearms. What do you want us to become; an armed camp? It's blasphemous to carry instruments of death in church"

5. "We should have faith, not guns. God sends His angels to camp round about us. We don't need to turn churches into places of war. Carrying a gun is a violation of love your neighbor. Our security should be our faith in God."

6. "We should have faith while using what God gives us to use for our part in civil law and order enforcement. Guns should never be the focus, but they may be needed for the safety of our congregation in the event of criminal assault."

Which of those belongs on your church armed security team? What other considerations and possible responses might there be? How do you approach people to casually find out if they might be good candidates for church security?

These and other considerations are what I provide in this guide for pastors and church leaders in the formation of armed security teams.



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