Concealed Carry Evaluation Form HELP
Step by step help to clarify each form field
Client Agreement: The most important section for you to understand before filling out and submitting
the form.

First And Last Name: This is a personal process in which I have to be able to match full names to
submission and payment forms.

State: A bit of knowledge about where you’re from since age i.d. proof is not practical. Anybody afraid
to submit a form like this and tell where they’re from probably needs to pass on the process.

Email: DEPENDABLE is the key word. An address you check and respond from. This will be used for
primary communication and submission of your Concealed Carry Evaluation. Set your spam filters to
accept email from domain:

Dependable Contact Phone: Not required, but if left out, I have no way to contact you in the event of
a technical breakdown. It will not be used unless there is a problem with the contact email.

Gender: Hopefully this information requirement is obvious enough in making a concealed carry

Hand Size: While not as important as many people obsess over, it is a consideration in selecting a gun

Describe Yourself Physically: This may be especially hard for women, but keep in mind it is intended
to be general, not very detailed. Any information here will enable more accurate suggestions for your
CCW needs.

Clothes you will wear for concealed carry: A big consideration when working out concealed carry of
a handgun. This gives a current picture of your ability to carry and better ability to recommend any
changes needed.

Special Clothing Description: This refers to any special needs clothing for physical conditions or other
considerations. Important for knowledge of how you can best carry a concealed handgun.

Physical Challenges: One of the most common inquiries that I receive for help in concealed carry. If
none, great. If there is one or more, knowing it is critical.

Describe any physical challeges above: If there is a physical challenge, me knowing the extent and
consequence of it is critical in giving you an accurate and safe evaluation.

Your Employment: Not required, but if you have issues with your employer over danger from
concealed carry restrictions. There may not be an answer to this one, but I’ll be happy to look at and
consider it.

General Daily Activities: Another one I hope is obvious enough. Not looking to intrude into your private
life. But the usual activities are important to know to advise you on concealed carry.

Need For Concealment: Where and how you need to carry a firearm is essential information for me to
make an accurate assessment.

Brief Description of Concealment Needs Above: Not required, but any additional descriptive
information is helpful for the best evaluation for you.

In your area, what type retailers carry handguns for sale? Enables me to be a bit more helpful in
recommendations. Not required or critical to your evaluation.

Other Miscellaneous Information: This is where you add anything you think would be helpful that is
not included above. It may be very helpful if it concerns you.

Submit Button: To use when you are satisfied with the information entered and you are ready to
submit your form and pay for the service.

You will be able to pay by credit card or PayPal. You will get a payment approval confirmation.

Remember, you are dealing with a human, not a machine. I may not be available immediately to contact

Please be patient. Your payment is safe. I’ll get your evaluation done.

Your Concealed Carry Evaluation Q&A and Request Form Help

Q: Mark, the CGO site is free. Free gun reviews. Free instruction and insight. You give free advice to
individuals when you're contacted. Is the Concealed Carry Evaluation free?
A: The balance between full involvement with a free site like the Christian Gun Owner, and being able
to make a living, is challenging. This is one of the few services/products that I personally produce or
perform outside the content of the website. It is a paid service. For the value it delivers and the time it
takes to produce it, the Evaluation is priced very modestly.
Q: Why should I use your service to learn what to use for concealed carry? Why can't I figure it out
on my own?
A: You can figure it out on your own. I did. But I wish I had found somebody I could trust with this type
service so I could have saved myself the several thousand dollars in expense and the months of time
trying everything advertisers and gun store employees insisted was necessary.

As this is written I have 15 holsters for sale online. Holsters I bought over the years believing they were
what I had to have. None were.
Q: You're not a police officer or in the military. What qualifies you to give concealed carry evaluations
to anybody?
A: I have carried over 30 handgun models legally concealed over a seven year period. This is a service
in which I evaluate and recommend civilian concealed carry equipment and methods.

It has nothing to do with duty carry by people performing LE or military service with handguns openly
holstered. I actually get quite a few individual inquiries and questions about concealed carry by former
military personnel.
Q: Why do you need all the required personal information from the Concealed Carry Evaluation Form?
A: The most common individual questions I get are very broad. "What is the best handgun for [....]?"
and "What should I carry for [.....]?" and others. These are impossible to answer accurately without
knowing some specific personal information about the people asking.

All required information in the form is necessary to give a focused, accurate evaluation for what type
guns will work best for you. Also necessary to suggest what type carry gear will allow you to carry
them securely and with fast access.

The evaluation resulting from the submission of the request form will give you specific,
focused information. It will allow you to do business with any gun store, major retailer, or
online dealer. It will enable you to tell them what you want without being subjected to confusing
sales pitches to get you to buy into the latest trend.
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