Worst Gun Laws in the Worst States in the U.S.

NOTE: This article was written sometime in 2007. Now, here in 2018, I've edited it slightly, but left most of it intact. See how you think it compares with the same states today. 

The pages here and that are linked from here, are for States with the worst gun laws that formerly were given an “A or B” grade from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The grading system from the sorry organization is different now, but their evaluation is the same. I just can't expend the time to keep up with all the particulars of what and how they do their grading.

UPDATE: Actually, if there is a grading system for states on their website in 2018, I haven't found it. 

The Disgrace That Is Sarah Brady

The Brady Campaign is a shameless and dishonest organization led by Sarah Brady, wife of ex-Reagan press secretary, James Brady who was shot, along with President Reagan. Sarah says whatever she thinks will enhance her fanatical agenda to disarm every law abiding citizen in America.

Her rhetoric will be tailored to whatever group she is speaking to, but she has made in clear in comfortable audiences that her goal is to simply get rid of all guns in America. That's with the exception of those belonging to civil servants and military.

She talks out of both sides of her mouth and shamelessly paraded her stuttering, slurring, limping husband in front of groups that she addressed. This is all to attempt to convince them that leaving them unarmed will somehow keep them from becoming like her husband.

(When this was written, below states how the BC evaluated states for gun laws.)

How The Brady Campaign Scored States

The Brady Campaign grades each state based on how oppressive their gun control laws are. The more oppressive, the higher the grade. So, best is worst and worst is best in the Brady Campaign.

Consequently states that have an “A or B” rating from the Brady Campaign are states that are being denied their second amendment rights and are rated as states with the worst gun laws in the United States.

Now, understand that there are gun owners, enthusiasts, and second amendment activists in every state. “Worst States” refers to states with legislatures that have refused to allow their constituents to legally protect themselves and their families. They have denied the citizens of those states their constitutional rights.

And by the way, Washington D.C. is not included in the Brady’s grading list, but it appears here. It is a "worst gun laws" candidate because of it's oppressive gun laws and the fact that it is the headquarters for the Brady Campaign.

Read below, and think about what, if anything has changed since 2007.

1st of the Worst Gun Laws States

California not only has some of the most oppressive gun laws in America, it is also the place where almost all worthless causes and trends originate, and then spread across the country.

The California legislature’s strategy is to put so many restrictions on the requirements of the guns sold themselves, that it is too restrictive for manufacturers to sell in that state. The intent is to eliminate all private ownership of firearms in California. So California gets the # 1 spot with their A- rating from the Brady Campaign.

2nd of the Worst Gun Laws States: MASSACHUSETTS

Massachusetts gets the number 2 spot because it is the home of two of the most nauseating pieces of sleaze ever to be allowed to exist in American politics, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Enough said and clearly # 2 in our list with an A- rating from the Brady Campaign.

3rd of the Worst Gun Laws States: NEW YORK

Home of some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country where reports of people legally transporting firearms by airlines are being arrested as they change planes in New York as their baggage is brought into the airport. The authorities know this is illegal and have belligerently continued this horrendous practice. New York mayor Bloomberg seals the deal for # 3 for New York with his “war on out of state gun dealers” even though New York’s B+ rating from the Brady Bunch is not quite as bad as some of the others.

NOTE: Now with the antics of governor Andrew Quomo New York is the worst of the worst of not only oppressive gun laws but dictatorial government process.

4th of the Worst Gun Laws States: ILLINOIS

Illinois gets the nod for number 4 in our list because of their grade and the fact that they are progressively getting worse. Concealed carry by private citizens is prohibited. Their progressively oppressive gun laws make them # 4 with an A- rating from the Brady Campaign (formerly B+).

5th of the Worst Gun Laws States: NEW JERSEY

New Jersey gets the nod for # 5 even though this state and Hawaii have essentially the same oppressive gun laws and permits are required to purchase guns in both states. New Jersey scores worse with me because it’s an ugly place that nobody wants to visit. At least Hawaii is beautiful and has a reason to visit it. New Jersey gets # 5 with a former A- rating from the Brady Campaign.

6th of the Worst Gun Laws States: HAWAII

This one pains me because it’s where I went on my honeymoon. But it is definitely a state that sucks when it comes to gun laws. Permits required to purchase any gun. Hawaii scores # 6 with a former A- rating from the Brady Campaign.

7th of the Worst Gun Laws States: MARYLAND AND CONNECTICUTT Follow the link and click on the states to check out their laws.

These two tie for 7th place in our list because their gun control laws are nearly identical and basically all together come out to the same score. These two Worst Gun Laws States are in a dead heat at # 7 with an A- rating each from the Brady Campaign.

There are actually a few other Worst States with a B rating and even a couple with a C rating, but these above are the worst of the worst and are the 8 worst states to live in or move to if you are concerned about retaining your constitutional rights to defend yourself and your family. If you are a gun owner and live in one of the states mentioned above, our prayers are with you. Keep fighting for your rights. Be sure to be armed with intelligent information and facts to state your case. Be an activist. You can change things in your state. If you can’t move, fight.

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