This site theme deals with guns as items of self defense and consequently a great deal is written about that subject. However, having to use a gun is not the ultimate form of defense.

Not getting caught in a situation where a criminal has the opportunity to assault you is the ultimate in self defense.

This simply means avoiding areas and situations that have a high percentage chance of placing you in danger.

  • Go into areas of town where crime is known to be high.
  • Step into volatile situations that do not involve you.
  • Allow yourself to be isolated in a garage, park, etc.

This is something that’s within nearly everybody’s control and is the first and most effective step in your self defense.

Consider these facts about criminals who are intent on assault:
1. Most criminals are opportunistic, not long term planners. They look for people in situations where they are either isolated, unaware of their surroundings or ideally, both.

SOLUTION: Do not allow yourself to be placed in a situation where you are out of sight of, or not in close proximity to other people.

2. A criminal intent on assault will either: (1) Try to attack an unaware victim suddenly, with devastating force so as to overwhelm and overpower them. (2)Try to approach the intended victim under the pretense of casual greeting or conversation, maybe asking a question or requesting something such as the time or directions.

Is the woman below aware of what and who is around her, or lost in thought, an easy victim for an opportunistic criminal?

SOLUTION: (1) Stay aware of your surroundings by casually looking around you as you walk and being aware of what you are seeing with your peripheral vision (out the side of your eyes). (2) Back away or run from anyone approaching you in a potentially dangerous situation. Intentionally keep your eyes on, and keep your distance from them and do not answer any questions. Move toward groups of people. Requests for anything should be responded to with a solid “no”.

A person continuing to advance on you should be responded to with a loud “back off!” to let them know you are intent on keeping them away from you. Remember: most criminals are not looking for a fight. They are looking for an opportunity.

3. Criminals commonly work in teams with accomplices to distract a victim from one side, while the other attacks from the blind side.

SOLUTION: When you see someone approaching you in a potentially dangerous situation, look around for someone else who may be coming at you from another angle. Apply all evasion and warning techniques above.

4. Most every city of any size in America has areas of town that are known to be infested with criminal activity.

SOLUTION: Stay Out! Just because you’ve got your martial arts skills , pepper spray, stun gun and GLOCK, doesn’t mean that you can bundle up all cozy and just go anywhere without anybody doing you any harm. If you let your skills and your weapons make you cocky you will fall to the Biblical warning: Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling.

Along with whatever weapons you own and carry, use your God-given common sense to stay clear of danger.

Go looking for trouble because you think you’re bad, and you are no longer innocent, but part of the problem. If you mouth off, because you have a gun, at some punk who is threatening you with a knife then you become criminal as far as the police are concerned if a physical altercation takes place.

The fact that you didn’t try to avoid trouble, but invited it because you are armed makes you as criminally liable as the guy who threatened you in the first place. Any time you have the opportunity to avoid an altercation take it.

Otherwise, you will end up in the same jail they take your antagonist to.

Remember that self defense is not just fighting when you are attacked. Self defense begins with your awareness of where you are going, what is going on around you, and who is in close proximity to you.

Then acting wisely based on those factors will keep you out of a criminal’s “range” and will cause them to move on to easier victims.

And it will keep you out of jail so you don’t have to spend quality time with the people in this article you should try so hard to avoid.