Taurus PT145 Review

by Mike Horton (Guest Author)
(Kansas City, MO)

Although my bed stand gun is either a Taurus 1911 or a Springfield XD 45, I find myself reaching for the Taurus PT145 to carry. I originally purchased this gun for my wife to carry, but after shooting it, I realized that it was not the right gun for her.

After she shot one of the three Taurus 1911s that I own, it came to pass that I now own only two, and I'm OK with that.

I have had several law enforcement friends refer to carry pistols as "throw away" guns. At first I didn't realize what they meant, but after reading many articles related to personal defense, in most cases, the gun used was never returned after the dust settled.

Personally, I don't care if I don't get it back as long as I'm still around to purchase another one. But, it does add one more point to consider. The price of the Taurus PT145 is right for just under $400.

The PT145 is not, and I repeat "not" a fun gun to shoot. It is not particularly accurate past 20 yards and the recoil is horrible. Keep in mind that the gun is a compact .45.

It does not have the mass that a Commander style 1911 has so your body is absorbing the energy. A weak-wristed person will more than likely experience a stovepipe, as my wife did the first couple of times she shot it. With practice she was able to manage the recoil but it wore her out.

Now, the good points: This is purely a defensive pistol. It does come in smaller calibers, but I'm of the opinion that the .45 ACP is the best combat/defensive round there is.

The gun is very light and compact.

Its effective range when drawing and firing is 20 yards. Beyond that, drop compensation is not consistent. What I love about it is that I can carry it inside the waist band with only a t-shirt draped over the belt-line. Great for summer.

The Taurus PT145: A simple and reliable design with a 10 + 1 capacity.