Ruger 32 Magnum Revolver

by JT (Guest Author)
(Sheridan, WY)

I was reading the article about the best handguns to carry and noticed that the Ruger SP101 ( in .357 mag ) was 2nd choice. I carry a Ruger .32 Magnum revolver. It has about the same power as a 38+P and the recoil isn't bad so I can line up for a second shot quick. This is only my personal opinion but I believe it's all the gun I need to protect myself.

I was mugged in Massachusetts in 1990 and the guy who took my wallet also busted my spleen. He came from behind me and kicked me in the side with boots on and when I bent over from the pain he lifted my wallet. Thank God he didn't try to finish me off. The guy who did this got a $400.00 fine and 1 year probation. I had to have my spleen removed and had to have 2 other surgeries on my stomach as a result of loosing my spleen. 

I've had a license to carry since I was 21 years old but never really carried everywhere I went. After this attack I carry the Ruger 32 magnum revolver everywhere I go and I don't go places ( cities, towns, states ) where I'm not allowed to carry to protect myself.

Thanks to the guy who mugged me I can no longer enjoy myself when I'm in public. I'm always looking over my shoulder and when my wife and I go out to eat I have to find a place where I can sit down and watch the front door. I can't sit with my back to a door anymore and will leave a restaurant if I can't find a good place to sit with a clean view of the door. I also sleep with a loaded 12 gauge shotgun(a Remington 870 loaded with buckshot).

I hope I never have to shoot another human being. I think that would be awful. But I don't want myself or my wife attacked ever again. A gun is simply something I would rather have and not need, then to need and not have. 

I am disabled with a spine and joint disease and walk with the help of a cane. I choose to carry my gun in a fanny pack with an emergency rip cord that allows fast access to my gun. This way I can also carry my wallet out in front of me and I have space in the fanny pack for my medication, keys, small flash light and a couple other items.

The picture above is my gun and fanny pack. 

May God be with you and Bless you all.