The Question Or Objection I Won't Answer Again For Christians

First, I'll put out this disclaimer: I love and value all my Christian brothers and sisters. This article does not apply to new Christians. It applies to people who have been believers for years and still have to write asking me the question below.

Now I'll get on with what is becoming the most odious inquiry I get on this website. Here it is:

"How can I carry a handgun and still obey scripture that says: [love your enemy; you shall not kill; turn the other cheek; blah, blah, blah]?"

Nowhere in scripture does it forbid us from lawfully dealing with random criminal assault to protect ourselves or our families.

It's time for the hand wringing to end. It's time for the ultra-spiritual, misplaced nonsense to end. It's time for Christians to follow their own line of reasoning to a rational conclusion. It's time to stop acting like scripture forbids us from protecting ourselves from criminal assault.

Here's the first thing I want to ask anybody who is a legitimate believer: Why the heck do you have to ask me that question? If you can't go to scripture and find the answer, why trust me to give it to you?

What is clear is that people who ask this are one or more of the following:

  • New believers (this is the only factor that gives credibility to the question).
  • Shallow believers who have never developed a scriptural foundation for anything. Otherwise they'd know the answer.
  • People (particularly men) who are so delicate and weak kneed that they can't do anything decisively.
  • People who will gladly call the police to kill the criminals lurking around their house. All while quoting "love your enemies".
  • Men who can't decide whether they would enact violence to keep their wife, daughter, son, or themselves from being robbed, assaulted, raped, or murdered.
  • "Deep thinkers" who think that analysis rules everything even while random crime is taking place all around them.
  • People who like to consider themselves "spiritually superior" by contemplating what they'd allow criminals to do to their wife while they watched. All in the name of being "Christlike".

Biblical commands by Christ dealt with our behavior toward people who oppose or persecute us because we are Christians.

They also dealt with our day to day behavior as a witness for Him to everybody who we interact with.

They did not deal with our response to random criminal assault. That is a matter of civil law which we are all part of.

Here is the bottom line: I will not answer this inquiry again. I will refer people to this article. Anybody who cannot understand civil order and law, according to scripture, is not going to get it no matter how much time I waste explaining it.

The purpose of a legally concealed handgun is not to "kill people". It is to arm ourselves to provide defense against random criminal assault should that situation arise.

It is acceptable morally, Biblically, and legally in most states. It is part of civil law in the U.S. which is clearly acceptable in the New Testament.

Purpose of this article:
This is not to alienate anybody. It is to shake fragile, indecisive Christians loose from their mindset that our day to day behavior is related to random criminal assault against us or our families. One has nothing to do with the other.

Anybody who will not do anything, including shooting an assailant to protect themselves, their families or their friends from random criminal assault is a coward.