Christianity Today's Mark Galli has no moral authority (or any other kind) to speak for or to Christians about support for President Trump.

I, like so many people, have watched with disgust as Democrats in Washington have done nothing for the U.S. while obsessively attempting to take down our duly elected President for the last 3 years. ..

The Political Players Have Never Changed

I have watched the same Democrats who for decades have trampled on the rights of the American people, disparaged the Constitution, advocated killing countless unborn children, attempted to disarm America ....

All of a sudden become gravely concerned defenders of the Constitution. So gravely concerned, they don't care about the people who put him in office. 


Hoping enough Americans will be stupid enough to follow their useless onslaught on the country because of some hatred of Trump. 

The Hope For Stupidity Is Rewarded

And actually, quite a few are stupid enough, as I see even conservatives and Christians rating this impeachment atrocity as "good news". Good news for who?

Celebrating with Democrats they would otherwise oppose in their sick pursuit of deviance, and murder of the most innocent - the unborn. 

Mark Galli from Christianity Today steps in to tell us all how we should regard our support for President Trump.

Thank God we have this wonderful stalwart of everything we need to know about what we are if we support Donald Trump. And his dire warnings that go along with it. 

What more could we ask for than his assertion of "facts' from impeachment, that have not been established as facts? Mr. Galli obviously knows it's important, not what the President did, but what he thought about doing (probably, maybe, well .... possibly).

And of course, Mr. Galli with his Democrat cohorts can figure all that out based on his massive intellect, and close relationship with God (and the Democrats).

Predictably, Mr. Galli's anti-Trump article has got major news channels already climbing over each other to "evaluate" it, with the hope of getting an interview with him.

Arrogance Beyond Any Imaginable Boundaries

The presumptious arrogance of author Mark Galli is astounding. Early in his article titled Trump Should Be Removed From Office, he makes a statement: "The typical CT approach is to stay above the fray ...."

"Above", meaning better than all the mortals, that exercise their responsibility as both Christians AND Americans. He invokes CT founder, Billy Graham, as though that makes him more noble in the diatribe that follows.  

Celebrating some kind of pseudo-victory the Democrats have emerged with because the house managed to impeach the President. 

Who And What Mark Galli Is In League With

And now being in league with the Dems, author Galli has the audacity to address Christians with this:
["Remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior."]

Seriously? Considering who Mr. Galli is making his bed with? 

Democrats who are against everything imaginable that has anything to do with decency, morality, life, liberty, Constitutional integrity, including, yes:

Religious Liberty. They hate Christians while claiming to be Christian. 

Mark Galli along with the trash rag, Christianity Today, has moved to the sewer of America.

If author Mark Galli can speak for all Christians, I guess I can too.

So in answer to him from all of us:

The only justification that we need to support Donald Trump, is that he is pro-life. If there was nothing else, that would be justification enough.

There's plenty more, but that's enough for this commentary.

And that's the answer to all the emoticon placing, stupidity slinging, faux-moralizing of Christians who will take up league with the devil himself because they hate Trump personally.

And some of the worst are the little pseudo-pastors who propagate Facebook with their self aggrandizing Trump-hate, while refusing to offer a specific alternative they would prefer.   

The Likely Reality Of Where This Will All End

For all the people deluded enough to believe this is a "victory", in any sense for Democrats, and "good news", as far as believing it will take down Trump ....

There's some bad news for them. 

It will all likely strengthen the resolve of his supporters who can see and think for themselves. Supporters that know what has been accomplished since he has been in office. And know what has been attempted, in keeping campaign promises that have been endlessly blocked by Democrats.

If people who have watched the sick debacle of this "impeachment" charade, allow it to move them to the Democrat side of the aisle, we truly have a nation too sick and too demented to recover. 

So if you're thinking about voting for "anybody but Trump", who, exactly, do you have in mind?

Whichever Democrat candidate emerges, he or she will be an advocate for unborn infant killing, Constitution hating, rights trampling, deviance promoting, monster.

A monster that will promote everything possible that involves government "forcing" citizens to obey. Instead of regarding the people as the ultimate authority in what is supposed to be our Republic.

It's the only method they know.  

Re-election 2020. Donald Trump.