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These first seven reviews are for Generation 3 GLOCK Pistols, with some updated info about the Gen 4 and 5 models.

  • GLOCK Reviews

    GLOCK reviews and comparisons between the GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23 and 34

  • GLOCK 22 Handgun Review

    GLOCK 22 Handgun Review of the function, dependability and accuracy

  • GLOCK 19 Review

    The GLOCK 19 Pistol reviewed for size, function, dependability and the ability to maximize concealed carry.

  • GLOCK 17 Handgun Review

    A review of GLOCK's 17 Handgun, their flagship pistol still today.. The G17 was a great gun 25 years ago and remains a great one today.

  • GLOCK 21 Review

    The GLOCK 21 is BIG, but not too big to be an excellent shooter and will fit the average hands of most men.

  • GLOCK 34 Review

    A review of the big GLOCK 34, a competition pistol, great shooting handgun and even a concealed carry weapon.

  • GLOCK 23 Review

    A review of the GLOCK 23 .40 S&W, my number one concealed carry weapon day to day.

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